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Star Rating - 11/12/2015
I placed a review of Bradenton in previous comments on Bradenton, Florida. I cannot find the review. I have lived in Europe, St. Petersburg, New York, Tampa, and Tallahassee. I am a retired Sergeant of twenty eight years from a local agency. I worked in Miami. Bradenton is a very nice town if you have money. If you can afford to live on the beach, Lake Wood Ranch or along Riverview Boulevard;you will love the Bradenton- Sarasota area. If you do not have money and you don't have a job; don't bother. Go to the compare crime category and put the current town that you live in and Manatee County you will be safer where there is a city police department. This will mean that you pay more taxes and that you will receive more services. The City of Bradenton Police Department will arrive at your home within two or three minutes. Same with most of the other cities. The Sheriff's Office will take twenty minutes. Don't open your door for strangers it may be a home invasion. If you have a CCW carry your firearm. Make sure you stay away from the corridor along 14 Street West, Memphis, Lincoln Heights, and Oneco. Drive down in and around Tropicana and Pride Park to get a "flavor: for the area. We are a bedroom community in the Tampa Bay area. This three county area has over four million people. South St. Petersburg is worse than many areas in Miami and LA. Don't be stupid. Most of the people writing these "reviews" are Chamber of Commerce types and realtors with a vested interest in getting people to move here.Taxes are low and so are services including police, transportation, and education. There are "good" schools on the beach, northwest Bradenton, and Lakewood Ranch. The others not so much. Read their grades. The "private" schools are very good if you have lots of money. The charter schools have dedicated staffs, but some of the kids that go there were rejected by the Public schools. Crime is out of control, murders for a county of less than 250k are out of control, and heroin addiction is out of control. One piece of advice stop moving here and saying you are from New York, when you are from Sayville, or Babylon. Stop moving here from Westin and saying you are from Ft Lauderdale. The same with Chicago and Hyde Park. We know the difference.
DAVID | Bradenton, FL
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All your information is very helpful, but I do have one question. What is the importance of being specific about what 'part' of a location you come from? Are certain 'types' not welcomed?
L. | Myrtle Beach, SC | Report Abuse

Iam screwed I just bought a condo in Oneco, And after I bought it I did research and its not looking promising
don | Lansdale, PA | Report Abuse

hello, wanted to ask you if you know about the area northwest of Lakewood ranch? There is a lot of new construction in Grey Hawk Landing and a new development Serenity Creek. off of rt64. How is the crime rate? we are looking for family friendly, low crime area, good schools. my husband is getting transferred from St. Augustine,fl
Janine | Vincentown, NJ | Report Abuse
- 9/28/2020
Avoid University Place development in Bradenton FL
Stay away from University Place in Bradenton FL (Cooper Ceek Blvd and Honore Ave.) We mad...
Anony | Bradenton, FL | No Replies

- 1/28/2016
How Bad is Manatee County
I just bought a home in Oneco area at 11st and 53rd, Naturally my realtor said its not a b...
don | Lansdale, PA | 1 Reply

- 6/29/2012
Bradenton Fl
Bradenton is a great mid sized town. Cost of living is not real cheap, houses for rent ar...
Debbie | Bradenton, FL | No Replies

- 2/6/2012
Would chose Bradenton a FOURTH time!
I lived in Bradenton for 12 yrs & was then transfered (due to work)to Chicago. Although Ch...
Brenda | Bradenton, FL | No Replies

- 12/14/2011
If you can drive in Bradenton you can drive ANYWHE
I've been driving for 35 years, different types of trucks and cars in all sorts of weather...
Jesse | Bradenton Beach, FL | No Replies

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