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How Bad is Manatee County
Star Rating - 1/28/2016
I just bought a home in Oneco area at 11st and 53rd, Naturally my realtor said its not a bad area and not to worry but seems theres a few gangs near by and a lot of crimes ( Homicides ) Have I made a mistake in moving to that area ?
don | Lansdale, PA
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Foolish you for relying on a real estate agent for choosing where you should buy. They will have you stand on a railroad track and have you look up into the trees to see how beautiful they are and all the shade and that point out the railroad track. Facts being they don't care where you go to sleep the only care where they go to sleep and that requires them selling you the house did they get the commission on. I've lived in Bradenton for 7 years yes they have a game Squad in police department but the gangs typically are shooting each other not at us. I'm sure your real estate agent informs you that MS-13 gang from El Salvador is prevalent throughout the area.
Live | Holmes Beach, FL | Report Abuse
- 9/28/2020
Avoid University Place development in Bradenton FL
Stay away from University Place in Bradenton FL (Cooper Ceek Blvd and Honore Ave.) We mad...
Anony | Bradenton, FL | No Replies

- 11/12/2015
I placed a review of Bradenton in previous comments on Bradenton, Florida. I cannot find ...
DAVID | Bradenton, FL | 3 Replies

- 6/29/2012
Bradenton Fl
Bradenton is a great mid sized town. Cost of living is not real cheap, houses for rent ar...
Debbie | Bradenton, FL | No Replies

- 2/6/2012
Would chose Bradenton a FOURTH time!
I lived in Bradenton for 12 yrs & was then transfered (due to work)to Chicago. Although Ch...
Brenda | Bradenton, FL | No Replies

- 12/14/2011
If you can drive in Bradenton you can drive ANYWHE
I've been driving for 35 years, different types of trucks and cars in all sorts of weather...
Jesse | Bradenton Beach, FL | No Replies

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