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Why is this City so high on Recommended Places to
Star Rating - 10/23/2012
Granted there may be some jobs here, but with all the publicity I think most of those are taken. Kids graduating from College are not finding jobs like you would think. Austin has good and bad areas and is suffering badly from growing pains! The most horrendous traffic I have ever lived in and the place just keeps growing. Housing, Housing everywhere and they all want Austin's Entertainment, so everything is crowded, including the shopping. This is the best Texas can do for a progressive city, and still the attitudes are backwards and condescending. Texas is a very RED state so even in Austin, beware if you don't want racism and sexism. It does exist! The music and art scene is nice, and the outdoor activities. I do not find this one of the best places to live in the country, and I don't know how it rates so high on so many lists! Did I mention Traffic! The traffic is horrendous. Lastly is the property tax. Since there is no sales tax, then the state has raised the price on everything else; and be prepared to pay hefty property taxes. Good luck if this sounds like the right city for you!
Cheyenne | Las Cruces, NM
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Um, what?! We don't have a *state* *income* tax, but we absolutely have sales tax here. 8.25% in Austin within Travis County. And even if we didn't have a sales tax, how on Earth could "the state" raise the price on everything else?! You *can* find racism and sexism here if you look for it, just like you can find racial tolerance and equality in Starke, Florida; i.e., it'll be the vast minority. You're absolutely right. This place sucks, especially the allergies and traffic. Stay the hell wherever it is you are and don't come here!
Kings_Deer | Monument, CO | Report Abuse

Who knows, I cannot figure that out! It is ridiculous because it isn't true. I gues that have a great PR machine going along with kick backs from Perry the governor.
Dotty | Austin, TX | Report Abuse
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