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Too much growth is not a good thing..
Star Rating - 7/1/2012
I first moved to Cornelius in 1986. At that time, we were a small quiet community on the shores of Lake Norman. It was possible to go fishing, even on a weekend, and never see another living soul. We began to grow when the leaders of the Lake Norman Company had visions of condos and marinas and retail along the waterfront.

Then came the 90's and we were discovered by Charlotte and the Yankees up north and the boom started. Waterfront homes were being built as fast as possible, yet values were jumping as much as 30% per year. People just kept coming, and now we have too many people on too small an area. Its nearly impossible to get out into Catawba Avenue, the main road thru town, without a stoplight to help you. Long lines are the norm in restaurants, gas stations, the post office, everywhere. In the summertime, you can almost walk across the lake by stepping from one boat to the next.

I am getting older, and I cherish the peace and quiet of yesteryear on Lake Norman. Every day I hear the call of the Florida Keys, where I can spend my golden years fishing and playing golf. Why? God allots every person in the world a certain number of hours in life, and those hours spent in fishing ARE NOT counted against the total. Can you think of a better reason?

Tim | Cornelius, NC
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