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Miami is a Banana Republic. Avoid this $hithole.
Star Rating - 9/13/2020
I was born and raised in Miami and have lived here on and off for 45 years. Miami is $hithole in every sense of the word. Corrupt government and city officials. Rude people. Tons of traffic. Real estate market is INSANE. A tiny 2-3 bedroom house in a marginally decent neighborhood will cost you upwards of $450K. There are some good schools peppered into a sea of crappy schools. Nobody speaks English. I speak Spanish so it's not a big deal for me. But if you don't speak Spanish, good luck getting a job or getting help in a store. When I tell you that nobody speaks English, I'm serious.

It's a pretty racist city too. Someone mentioned that the city is segregated, and I would say that the neighborhoods definitely are. There are rich areas which are all rich white and Cuban families. Then there's a bunch of "middle class" neighborhoods which are predominantly hispanic (Cuban, Colombian, Venezuelan and Nicaraguan). These neighborhoods, while relatively safe, are devoid of any personality. They're all cookie cutter homes in the suburbs with crappy, inconsiderate neighbors. Then there's the black neighborhoods, which due to lack of funding, community involvement, or attention from city officials, are crime and drug ridden warzones. It's too bad because there are a lot of decent, hard working people in those neighborhoods who can't catch a break because the city has turned their back on them.

If you don't earn well over $100K a year, you will not like it here. You will have to live in the suburbs or the hood. Neither of which are desirable for the aforementioned reasons. It's also a very, very superficial city where everyone tries to act like their $hit doesn't stink. There are pockets of genuine, cool people here. But for the most part, the people SUCK!!!

You have been warned.
Marcel | Kendall, FL
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Miami has a very slick type atmosphere & I’m talking about The Government officials
Roger | Fort Lauderdale, FL | Report Abuse

I respect your input so much.
Carletha | Dayton, OH | Report Abuse

I respect your input
Carletha | Dayton, OH | Report Abuse

Phatic loser life is not fair lolllll get a real job LOSER and STOP abusing your cut........ Miami and have lived here on and off for 45 years..... You must love that Sh***hole in your hole a lot SOB...
Mike | Miami Beach, FL | Report Abuse
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