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liked it - 1/30/2017
smaller than I thought, traffic seemed thick, good food and nice Read More

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Worst - 7/22/2016
What to said, I live here since 2013, I'm Cuban, but I have to said that I'm truly surprised for what we are doing with this city, We have to do something with the traffic and the insanely drivers who drive as they own way, the police department are not working on that way and of course all Latins who live here think they are in they own country, so, people, we are not living in Cuba,Venezuela,Mexico,Ecuador,Honduras,Nicaragua,Colombia, we are living in America now, we have to care about our city, we have to adapt and respect the law, I feel here that I'm not living in USA, but I feel this is the City more closer to USA Read More

Worst place in America - 5/16/2016
This has to be the absolute worst place to live in America. The climate is horrible, along with the majority of the people. I can't believe that I lived there for so long. I went from living in the worst city, to living in the best city in America. The best city being San Diego, with the best climate, and where the majority of the people are polite and friendly.I am currently in Miami visiting my mother, and I can't wait to return to civilization. You will be hard pressed to find anyone that speaks english in Miami. I here people bad mouth Mexicans a lot, but at least the Mexicans in California speak english and try to assimilate to the American way of life. Miami is actually an embarrassment to the United States. Miami is simply pathetic. I feel very sorry for the good people that live there.Good luck Miamians,because you really need Read More

Cheap home insurance - 3/16/2016
My wife and I actually just purchased a home in the Miami area for around $330,000 and the homeowners insurance was outrageous! It was almost $6,000, $5,700 to be exact. I searched everywhere and finally I found out you have to receive what is called a wind mitigation report and in this area it decreases the homeowners insurance by almost half! Which was nice! The company which helped me out was a Miami agency Unbeatable Insurance Agency which out of all the companies I called had the lowest rate and of course were very nice. If you guys are searching I told them I would recommend anyone who ask me. Hope this helps Read More

Sales & Rent - 3/15/2016
City of Miami housing for rent or for sale with family of low income or poor credit Read More

Climate - 1/7/2016
Climate is Read More

Miami way to high the price you may pay for living - 2/15/2015
Miami, or just any city from West Palm Beach all the way to Key Largo is expensive.

1. if you want to rent, prices are super higher, like if you want to live near downtown Miami, you are looking around $ 3000.00/monthly. If your budget is tight you must move all the way to Homestead where you can rent 2/2 for $950.00

2. Don't forget the tolls (all over Miami) if you live in Homestead and work in Miami, the commute isn't 25 mins... (I wish) is more like an hour and half almost two hours depending how early you leave, accidents, etc. (toll average ($120/month).

3. Auto Insurance, one of the most expensive cities. One full cover could ho up to $ 220 per 1 car.
Accidents on the freeway... 10every hour. People drive like crazy.

Groceries, well expensive compared to other cities.

And the rest well it mostly depends where you live, but a job for starters, let's say Walgreens $8/hr, or less.

English Read More

Elsa Pardo - 6/2/2014
I am also interested in Miami-Dade County and Florida statistics.

Thank Read More

Climate - 5/2/2014
Great weather for the most Read More

Climate in Miami - 4/10/2014
Wonderful climate in South Read More

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