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Star Rating - 5/30/2013
Can anyone tell me if the Killeen-Temple-Ft. Hood area is a good place to live for African-American families?
Thea | Jacksonville, FL
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I can't imagine asking a question like this based on race. Americans have the same freedoms regardless of race. There are good and bad people everywhere. There is freedom to choose where one lives and I suggest not caring about anything but what is right for you. Visit an area and get a feel about it for yourself. If you're spiritual, pray for guidance. If you feel guided there spiritually, nothing else should matter. That's my take on it.
Helene | Dallas, TX | Report Abuse

I understand that we have the same freedoms regardless of race. I have generational family members that helped to fight for those freedoms in the military. Unfortunately, there are still cities and towns where there is a culture of racism and un-Christian thinking, and I do not want to subject my children or myself to that. We are looking for diversity, a sense of community, and Christian values. I'm glad you have the luxury of not having to ask about race, and one day, I hope I won't ever have to ask that question either. But since, I has this question 6 years ago, my husband and I have visited Temple, and we really liked it, and after careful prayer, we plan to move there this summer. Thank you.
Thea | Ogden, UT | Report Abuse

Anybody know what side of Temple is best to live on?
AJ | Schertz, TX | Report Abuse

I agree with you. Too many are blind to racism because they are white. Temple has it's gangs of all colors, and the same problems any other growing city has. I personally have knowledge from the news only, except it appears there is the same old racism in the schools, going both ways. Like any city or town in America, there are problems but I think it is much better than many smaller towns around here.
Karen | Temple, TX | Report Abuse

You're so uneducated and racist to ask such a question. Move anywhere in the USA that you want to. Stop being afraid of white people. They aren't out to get you. Stop believing what you hear from politicians and the news. Most whites and blacks get along just fine.
DD | Wells Branch, TX | Report Abuse
- 2/2/2012
Discovering Temple
Want to know how wonderful temple, texas is?...
Joseph | Keller, VA | No Replies

- 6/26/2009
I have lived here for almost 5 years now and it is an pretty good place to live....
mary | Temple, TX | 2 Replies

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