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Stay away or end up in jail
Star Rating - 10/17/2019
Avoid Phoenix,, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, all metro Phx, the summer sucks, few low paying jobs, high rent, police are inept at best, they tend to harrass and profile people, apartments nearly impossible to get, lots of homelessness,
dan | Mesa, AZ
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Agreed but add Gilbert to the list. This place has turned to sh!t really fast. Too many people, too many attitudes, high rent/ home prices, too hot, low paying jobs that don’t factor in cost of living, & the list goes on. SLC is waay better than AZ. Think twice before moving here.
C | Gilbert, AZ

What a profoundly ignorant comment, danny, regarding the police. To make such a gross overgeneralization expect intelligent people, of which you are not one, to believe that nonsense is absurd. You sound like a bit of a loser, boy, and you're blaming all others for your plight.
walter | Fountain Hills, AZ
- 1/10/2020
Should be last option
There are pros and cons of living anywhere in the world, no place is perfect, but when it ...
AJ | Chandler, AZ | 3 Replies

- 1/6/2020
Consider before moving here what you're getting
I moved here for a job a few months ago and unfortunately won't be staying long. To summar...
Lee | Tucson, AZ | 2 Replies

- 12/28/2019
One of the top 10 hottest cities on earth
I've already reviewed before, but one thing I would suggest if you're thinking of moving h...
Liz | South Venice, FL | No Replies

- 10/6/2019
Don't Move Here!!
I heard fuc**in rats in my house again today. It seems now that every winter they come in ...
Charles W. | Phoenix, AZ | 53 Replies

- 9/7/2019
Phoenix is a good place to live!
I spent summers in Phoenix growing up and have lived permanently in Phoenix over 35 years ...
CLAYTON | Phoenix, AZ | 1 Reply

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