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Stay away or end up in jail
Star Rating - 10/17/2019
Avoid Phoenix,, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, all metro Phx, the summer sucks, few low paying jobs, high rent, police are inept at best, they tend to harrass and profile people, apartments nearly impossible to get, lots of homelessness,
dan | Mesa, AZ
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Agreed but add Gilbert to the list. This place has turned to sh!t really fast. Too many people, too many attitudes, high rent/ home prices, too hot, low paying jobs that don’t factor in cost of living, & the list goes on. SLC is waay better than AZ. Think twice before moving here.
C | Gilbert, AZ | Report Abuse

@Walter, are you or are you not a police officer yourself? If yes, I can modestly understand you wanting to be the brother bear of the ilk and stand up for your police pals. But if you're not a police officer, why do you feel a need to vouch for the Phoenix police force's perceived "sanctity"? Back in 2017 when I first turned up at CASS homeless shelters the police would get in arguments with homeless women and men who had rags for shoes because of where they were sitting on the sidewalk adjacent to the main gate and in relation to the now-defunct front admissions office. That's what I'd call being harassed. It's being harassed for choosing a particular spot on a non-redlined/fire emergency exit portion of the sidewalk, where birds either did or didn't sh#@ before the person sat their butt their. Even people minding their biz before the area in front of CASS started looking like Tent City 1/50th would be harassed for having their things laying around like any homeless person. The number of officer involved shootings that proportionally didn't need to have occurred to those that did need to occur aren't the most refreshing stats either. I believe if Microsoft Edge Bing News serves me right it was a fair whopper of a number above 100 for 2018 alone! I dont go so far or am concerned enough to label someone including yourself this or that because I dont have the time for that, but I will say Dan's profile of police profiling about matches a lot of the janky hanky I've seen around the city, not just by CASS. Mi malo...
John | Somerton, AZ | Report Abuse

What a profoundly ignorant comment, danny, regarding the police. To make such a gross overgeneralization expect intelligent people, of which you are not one, to believe that nonsense is absurd. You sound like a bit of a loser, boy, and you're blaming all others for your plight.
walter | Fountain Hills, AZ | Report Abuse
- 10/2/2020
Burning hell
I've lived in Michigan, New York, New Jersey and Maryland. I moved to the Phoenix metro du...
Chris | Scottsdale, AZ | No Replies

- 9/21/2020
Beautiful City! Why would you live anywhere else?
Wonderful City. I don't understand why some of these people call Phoenix a "dirt bag" wh...
Josiah | Menomonee Falls, WI | No Replies

- 8/18/2020
Phoenix isn't that bad
It really isn't that bad, I don't know why everyone on here is freaking out. I've lived in...
Zach | Mesa, AZ | No Replies

- 7/3/2020
Don't move here
Phoenix is a dirt-bag city. I have lived in many other cities and this place was hands-dow...
Duke | Houston, TX | No Replies

- 6/16/2020
It is not the paradise you think it is.
I have lived here for 20 years and due to family issues not able to move. The pros - very...
Jessica | Phoenix, AZ | 1 Reply

- 6/9/2020
The desert is not all you think it is...
So you want to live in the sun, eh? Well, trust me my friends. You will change how you see...
Josiah | Littleton, CO | No Replies

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