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(Sorry, this is really quite long and I didn't even get to share all the beauty of my town. Read if you like, I'm sure you'll get the gist of my opinion in the first few paragraphs! :) Have a nice day!!) Where do I begin? There are honestly so many great things to say about Bozeman. Some people like to think that the people here are snobby and rich and rude; and the world isn't perfect, there will always be people in every town that are like this. But the general population is not. We are however helpful, kind, energetic, caring and loving. There are so many non-profits and helping businesses that are eager to help out those who are in need of some extra care, whether they are members of Bozeman's community or they reside elsewhere. Some of these include but are not limited to: Habitat for Humanity, the Food Bank, the Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter, Family Promise, Eagle Mount, various churches, Zoe Women's Center, Hopa Mountain, the HRDC, shelters for the homeless, and so many others! The citizens of Bozeman are always willing to give an extra hand, whether it be to hold a door open for some folks or to help build a home, or any way of providing for those who need it. Bozeman isn't just about the snooty-snoo upscale restaurants and boutiques, while those are fun to spend some time in, we also take care of our fellow people. Bozeman is often thought of as one of the most expensive places to live in Montana, and while there is some truth to this, most people didn't just get their lives handed to them on a silver platter. Bozeman is made up of hardworking diligent people, who worked to get to where they are now. They are able to go beyond providing the necessities for their family, but this does not mean that their children are spoiled or snobby. Speaking from experience, in today's time, the kids in Bozeman, young and old, are encouraging and kind. They work hard to get good grades and do well in sports and life. We all learn at an early age that we have to work hard and pursue our dreams. I'm currently in high school and I have gone to both public and private schools in Bozeman, and have enjoyed both! It can be difficult sometimes for kids who are not used to actually having to do their homework or study for tests and quizzes and be active in their school community. But the students and staff are friendly and always there to listen or lend a hand. Bozeman Senior High is ranked number one in the state of Montana for graduating students. Sports is also another large part of the full education system in the town. We're often in the state championships and sometimes we even win, but all of that comes from hard work, practice, and trust from the teams, peers, coaches, parents, and the community as a whole. But if you're not really into the sports scene, don't fret because the arts and other clubs are another huge part of the school. There are multiple choirs at the high school alone, and a huge orchestra and a band that often travel around the country playing and competing. I'm not really sure how many art classes are offered at BHS (bozeman high) but I know that there are quite a few. One of my best friends is always raving on how awesome the art opportunities are at the school and in town. Theater is incredible here! Most everyone in Bozeman enjoys a good play put on by excited young (and older) actors. Whether it's held at the Ellen Theater downtown, The Wilson Auditorium or the recently built theater at Petra Academy, (there are others too, those are just to name a few). We often host acting, dance, musical, and opera companies to our little town. Even famous singers, comedians, and celebrities are always stopping by to visit. The popular singer/songwriter John Mayer is originally from Paradise Valley, which is just over the Bozeman Pass and 30 minutes out of town. Mayer has been spotted a few times in Bozeman, but it's never made it on the news or anything. Which I think is why so many famous people enjoy it here. We're laid back, and of course we're excited when celebrities come to our town, but we also know that they've come here to enjoy Montana, not to be swarmed by paparazzi. Parts of the movie A River Runs Through It were filmed in Bozeman. I even know some people who were asked to be extras in the film! Some of the scenes took place in the well-known and loved Story Mansion on Wilson. And when it premiered here in town, my mom even got to sit next to Brad Pitt. She said that he was shorter than she had thought, but also nicer than she would have imagined. It's a different kind of living here, sure it's cold (two weeks ago it was -44 degrees Fahrenheit at my house, which is in the valley!), and icy, and snowy; but it's also beautiful and warms up quickly in the summer. We need the warmer summers to do all the activities most of Bozo's citizens enjoy, like hiking, camping, rock climbing, running, biking, kayaking, water skiing, horseback riding, going on picnics, relaxing with family and friends at the lake, and so much other stuff! It's a blast to live in Bozeman. I've found that in other towns I've been to, you rarely ever see people biking to work or school or just for fun, but in Bozeman it's quite popular. Bozeman is really active, energetic, organic, and green. We have farmer's markets throughout the year, often times we grow our own food, we partake in the community gardens or in our own, we like homegrown, homemade, organic foods and clothes. We don't like to take the easy way out, we like to find solutions that best fit the community and the world. We're green and we're proud of it. We like to recycle and reuse things. There are even stores that reuse things, like Goodwill, Sack's Thrift Avenue, the Catwalk, Cactus Records, Upscale Resale (sometimes referred to as ReCouture), and others that support the green movement! We like to support our local businesses as they are a huge part of our lives, even if it means spending a few extra cents or having to deal with the energetic but adorable owner's puppy. We're a college town, we are always finding new things to support or voice our opinion on. There are those who are more conservative and others who are more outgoing in the world, but somehow we have found a way to balance it all and work together. We support our people especially when it's against all odds, like who would have thought that a nice and genuine man with a sweet family that came from a modest home would be a Congressman? I personally know Congressman Steve Daines and his family and can attest that he is looking out for his people, and that he will always be doing right by his community. With a lot of dreaming and imagination and some elbow grease, we can all see that even us small towners can become whoever and whatever we like. I think each time someone new steps foot into Bozeman, they can see the inspiration and love we all have for our home. These are just a modest few of the reasons why I love my hometown of Bozeman, Montana. While nobody is perfect, we're pretty darn close. :) p.s. And no Sheldon, it's not Bozite, it's Bozemanites (reference to a tv show) :)
Taryn | Bozeman, MT
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