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Star Rating - 11/23/2018
I've held a mailing address since 2004. It was nice when it was a sleepy cow town. The town has become so overrun with Californians and Boulderites. Lift lines are insane at the local ski areas, hiking trails are overrun, dogs are banned in all open spaces, public land access is a zoo with idiot hunters and the fishing has gone to sh*t with every joe in a drift boat. What is worse is idiots walk up next to you while you are wade fishing and cast into the same pool... you don't come to big sky country to stand next to somebody while fishing. Plus dirt bikes rip up the single track mountain bike trails within a few years of their creation. Individuals visit here and think its nice on a summer day then move in and realize winter lasts 9 months. These same individuals bring in their wealth from Orange County and drive the real estate prices to insane levels. Crappy built spec homes on 1/8 acre with a granite countertop for $500K+. The town has no concept of zoning for new growth and city council is run by developers who allow developers to create urban sprawl with no road/traffic management. What used to take 5 minutes in a car five years ago now takes 35+ minutes. Property taxes are going through the roof because we don't have a sales tax so everybody gets hit to pay for roads and public services and the creation of new schools yet we have tourists pouring through and they don't contribute a dime to the wear and tear they create. Expect to pay $5000 a year in property taxes for a modest house and expect another 3 or 4 new bonds in the near future to create more middle schools and elementary schools because classes are bursting at the seams.
Loshi | Bozeman, MT
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Thank you. I am fourth Generation and appreciate your views. Thank you
Laura | Bozeman, MT | Report Abuse

@Rick San Diego - Stay in California...seriously. I lived in Aspen for 10 years from 1986 to 1996. Same thing happened there. Real estate went up, pushed the locals out, changed the vibe and future. I don't like people like you who believe capitalism at all cost. Brokers, developers, etc. They ruin lives and land all for the sake of greed. Period.
michael | Lewisville, TX | Report Abuse

Loshi...Sounds like sour grapes? Get over yourself. No place stays the same and there will always be people with more money than you. Get over it. You people whine about Californians on one hand, complain about them then brag to your friends about how much your lousy house has gone up in value.
Rick | San Diego, CA | Report Abuse

If you wouldn’t want to relocate to Bozeman then where in Montana would you go ? I understand the problem with influx of Californians they have ruined their state and now moving to other states to do the same thing Texas for one.
Debbie | Poplarville, MS | Report Abuse

I feel for you, was just working for a few days there, beautiful place but too cold for me. I can't believe the shitty looking housing, overcrowded restaurants, etc. The locals sure must be hurting from the rapid growth.
Paul | Scottsdale, AZ | Report Abuse
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Beautiful town, lots of jobs
Great for families...
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This IS our last best place!
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Montanan suggesting living anywhere else in state
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