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Star Rating - 5/24/2017
I grew up in Bozeman. I still live here. This place is overrun with 1) Californians, 2) East Coasters, 3) Boulderites, 4) trustfunders, 5) assorted rich assholes from out-of-state, and 6) itinerant bros coming for the skiing and flyfishing . Categories 1-5 move here, push up real estate prices, don't support the local economy by creating new jobs or working here, and in general have made it a hostile environment for those of us who grew up here and hoped to stay here. I make $60K a year (which is an anomaly in Bozeman), and I still can't afford a house here. Otherwise, the transplants who move here are cliquey and snobby.

Wages are REALLY low, and most of the jobs are in the service industry. Prices on EVERYTHING are near or above the national average. We get winter 6-7 months out of the year. This year, in fact, we had snow on May 17. If it's not snowing, it's cold. Even in the summer, it cools down at night enough to merit a jacket and long pants.

The dating scene is terrible. The music scene is terrible. The growing season is short. It is beautiful in the summer, but that's maybe two months out of the year.

Don't move here. I'm leaving soon myself.
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Bozeman used to be much nicer like 20 yrs ago. I went to school there & it was great for hiking skiing rafting. The population was a mix of ranchers, university students/faculty, and mountain bums. Real mountain bums not the weekend warrior posers that infiltrated Bozeman & other formerly great mountain towns. CA retirees are a plague throughout the western US. Developers really destroyed the place with all the new strip malls, track housing, & trophy homes. Down by Big Sky the sleazy developers ruined the largest elk breeding ground in the northern rockies with the yellowstone club for the Uber rich. They built golf courses no one ever needed at spanish peaks for the rich, moonlight basin for the pseudo rich. Developers are swine everywhere but especially in the mountain towns. I left after school because the only way to make a living was by destroying the place & contributing to the downfall. Also all the type of people I was trying to avoid started moving there. I left because I felt I was part of the problem by adding to the population in the valley & state too. I also wanted more variety of people, anonymity, & more spice of life which is only available in cities.
Eric | Aurora, CO

To James from Ontario CA; Bozeman was better before there was a Costco & Home Depot & other big box junk stores. Never needed any of those stores already had Kenyon Noble hardware & grocery store. This is what people like you don’t get. People like or liked Bozeman because it wasn’t a bunch or shitty chain stores & a strip mall hell. Bozeman doesn’t need another subdivision of homogeneous tract housing, it doesn’t need another trophy home. The valley is better off with less people. People like you for some reason think you’re improving the place. You’re totally oblivious to the fact that your “Bozeman is lucky to have me” attitude is repulsive condescending inconsiderate and ultimately wrong.
Eric | Aurora, CO

I live in Bozeman. I moved here from CA. I am not rich, nor an asshole. I bought a 40-year old home within a retired person's budget, which was difficult; however, I believe there are a number of real estate agents who are responsible for encouraging higher housing prices. If sellers were left to their own, prices would be a lot more reasonable. I am not hostile, snobby nor clique-ish. I love the winter. Can't say much about the dating scene because I'm happily married...but I can see how you may have a problem finding a decent mate with such a negative, abusive attitude. I'm here to stay, get along wonderfully with my friends and neighbors (natives and transplants) and agree, with your attitude you should move away. Hint: you might find even a small semblance of happiness if you take on a more positive attitude. Best of luck.
Janice | Bozeman, MT

If you think Bozeman is turning into a shithole, try living in California. try buying a house here. You should be happy us Californians are moving to Bozeman. We are buying houses which creates jobs in the construction industry. We need medical facilities to take care of us as we grow older, we eat out, we buy new cars and best of all we don't want your jobs. If we didn't move to Bozeman, do you think Costco, Lowes and Home Depot would have opened their business there? We will be retiring in a few years and Bozeman is high on our list to relocate too. We will be visiting over Christmas to see what winter is like. Hopefully by the time we retire you have moved away from Bozeman. You are the kind of person I want to get away from.
James | Ontario, CA

Very gently said and so accurate. Particularly about trying a more positive attitude. I’d say he has never met you or me just traveling on the rhetoric.
Jim | West Yellowstone, MT

You should move. YOu are the reason why it's shitville! and why it doesn't do any better. You Bozmans hate people, your own kind lol! You hate "americans".
uh | Belgrade, MT
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