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Moved to Noblesville, IN and very disappointed
Star Rating - 2/2/2009
We moved to one of the "Best Places" but are very disappointed in all aspects of this city. First, our realtor did not do a good job and let us get taken advantage of (very badly) by the builder. Second, our house, made by a famous nationwide builder is poorly constructed, poorly insulated, poorly designed, and costs a fortune to heat and cool. Third, the yards are unusually small for a city and state with so much land. Fourth, the people here are backwards and clique-ish. Fourth, there are no jobs! I have a Master's and have applied again and again and gotten zero response. Fifth, the kids around here are rough and I do not want my child playing with them. Sixth, the neighbors do not care for their properties. The weeds grow and grow all summer long. Seventh, the cops are gun-ho here. My tags on my very recently purchased car expired (Go figure!) because we ended up somehow only purchasing three month plates. The cop pulled me over and despite my perfectly clean record, he ticketed me! No warning, no chance to comply, etc. but gave me a $130 ticket. I went to court and argued out of it, but the cops love to rake in that revenue. Everyone speeds here and you see people pulled over all the time. If I could do it all over again, I would not have chosen Noblesville, IN.
Bp | Noblesville, IN
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If you believe that Noblesville, IN is the only place you can make dumb real estate decisions then I’ve got a bridge in New York I’d like to sell you. Come on, blaming Noblesville for your lack of prowess in the housing market is just sour grapes. Face reality, it’s your fault, buyer beware anywhere you live. Speaking of that, I’ve lived in Noblesville 14 years and found most of the people kind, helpful and friendly. In every community there are parts that aren’t as taken care of as well as others. I’m sure these didn’t change overnight. Look around before you move to a particular subdivision, you can tell how well things are cared for. You couldn’t see what size the yard was or how close the homes were before you signed? There are model homes, there are maps they have to show you. Have you ever thought of looking up reviews on the internet? Try the library if you don’t own a computer, it’s a big decision! Before criticizing the police I would be thanking them. They put their lives on the line every day to keep you safe. I feel particularly safe in Noblesville because of both the police and the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Dept. Response time here is much shorter than many other places and we have great leadership in both departments. If you think people speed here, try driving around Dallas or Atlanta or Houston when it isn’t rush hour. Our traffic is nothing to complain about. If you haven’t been able to find a job in Northern Indy, Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, Zionsville, Kokomo, Tipton or Noblesville then I think the problem may lie right under your nose instead of blaming it on Noblesville. There are a lot of other comments I could make but i’ll Just say for now you could be a much happier person If you would start thinking more positive!
Marcus | Noblesville, IN

That is unfortunate that you have had so much trouble finding a job. Hopefully your situation has improved since then. However, just because you had trouble doesn't mean there were no jobs. There could be a number of factors why your job search wasn't successful. Even in the best job market competition can be fierce for the best jobs. A master's degree by no means guarantees you will get a job over other applicants. In fact there are many certifications such as CPA, CIA, CFE, etc. that exemplify a candidate's work experience, success, and desirability more than graduate school. It sounds like the cops actually enforce the laws there which many would consider a good thing and you had three months to comply but chose not to. I live in Austin where everyone speeds as well. Just about everywhere I've lived this is the case.
Jed | Jollyville, TX
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