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Dreary and gray
Star Rating - 2/2/2009
Moving from a place with over 300 days of sunshine per year to this place has been uh... difficult.

Most months out of the year you cannot get outside to do anything. The winter is frigid and the summer too humid. Spring and fall is acceptable. Better join a gym if you come here, and get one of those sun lamps so you don't get SAD.
Bp | Noblesville, IN
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Where did you grow up? Hawaii? This isn’t Florida or California what do you expect? Try living in Western Kansas or North Dakota for a few winters and you will come back here and kiss the ground! Spring & Fall is acceptable? Most months out of the year you can’t get outside? Have you been to Dallas in the summer? I feel sorry for you, get outside and quit wasting your life!
Marcus | Noblesville, IN

That sucks that you are not happy there. However, why would you move to a place that is not known for sunshine; did you not research it? Also, the summers and winters are both relatively mild compared to Minnesota and Texas and in both these states people do not let the weather stop them from being outside.
Jed | Jollyville, TX
- 8/9/2009
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