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Don't Fight The Last War by Moving to NYC
Star Rating - 3/3/2021
As our culture becomes more atomized, NYC - the singles capital of the world - is the showroom for the rest of the US of what's to come. It USED to be a great city... back when there was such a thing as culture in this country, true friendship existed, and romance was a real possibility. Now that social media has removed any possibility for a counterculture to exist and form new trends, the only culture phenomena that form are created by corporate committees with a profit motive. Friendships are useless in NYC unless they can be documented for social media. And, romantic entanglements are as meaningful as the swipe of one's thumb. Consequently, it's no surprise that NYC has become a cultural and spiritual wasteland - unless you think seeing the Broadway version of The Lion King is culture. Friendships are fleeting and dating is a total nightmare. I've lived in NYC for nearly 20 years. I'm rich. I moved here broke and made it in NYC. I have nothing to complain about. It's been good to me. But, it has ZERO to offer at this point. The restaurants suck, are overcrowded and overpriced even by NYC standards, the people hate each other, and there's nothing to do other than sit in your apartment and brag to your friends back in Springfield that you're in NYC. What's the point? If you're young and want to start your career, you can do that anywhere now and you don't have to give up your entire paycheck for a crappy apartment as the price of entry. Start your life elsewhere. I'm off to Miami (Feb 2021).
Joe | Chelsea - Village, NY
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LOL Miami? You made a good case until I read the last sentence. How can you hate NYC cause it's superficial and expensive, and then move to Miami? lmao
Ivy | Chicago, IL | Report Abuse

Miami is the ugly one leg it stepsister of New York. They're both cut from the same cloth. It's funny New Yorkers that want to escape New York go running to New York with palm trees. Hot sweaty unit and flat and you better speak Spanish. I'm not kidding. The New York City for 30 years in Miami for five so I have a pretty good idea of both places. Would not move back to either one of them. I thought your story would have a happy ending. Something like I decided to move up north to a more livable city like Montréal or Toronto or maybe get a place on the lake in New Hampshire but Miami?. The one-bedroom apartments there are closing in on $1 million and for nothing. Small and cramped just like Manhattan. If I had to go to Florida and someone put a gun to my head and forced me to move there I would definitely choose Tampa Bay and/or Jacksonville over Miami.
edmund | Spring Valley, NV | Report Abuse

You make a fair point. My frustration with NYC is summarized by my post combined with it feeling like a sardine can. As I mentioned in my post, our society becoming cookie cutter is unavoidable because all of pop culture now must pass through the filters of social media, which is corporate-controlled. So, neither NYC nor Miami nor anywhere else really is exempt from that. My case is simply that living in NYC you're essentially handcuffed to a group of people who are trying to live their lives as if they are in an episode of Sex in the City. Florida offers a bit more room to spread out and distance oneself from those types if one wishes, but still offers the talent pool and general level of activity that's necessary for a business owner like myself to thrive. I'm only 40 - not quite ready to retire to Scottsdale just yet.
Joe | Chelsea - Village, NY | Report Abuse
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