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The people are bigger drips than the rain.
Star Rating - 10/22/2019
Here's your weather: It's either raining, fixing to rain, or just stopped raining (for a short while). There's two or three months of beautiful summer, then nine more months of grey, soggy gloom. Very depressing. The people are more depressing than the weather. Everyone is borderline depressed and grumpy. Why do you think there are so many coffee shops in Portland? A lot of delusional boosters too. Sorry, it's far from being a great city. Downtown and the whole Burnside area is a dangerous, dirty dump. And so racist! I'm from Mississippi, but these folks bring racism to a world class level. Very politically correct too. Those people are just white yuppie snobs, NOT liberals. Portland wouldn't know a real liberal if they bit them on the......The housing prices are insane. MAX is a joke. It screeches and jerks along so slow, I felt like slowly waving to the pedestrians (who were walking faster than we were going) as if I were in a parade. Drug addicts and homeless are everywhere. Not just homeless, but entitled homeless! The police are very dangerous, corrupt, and also, guess what, racist! It's impossible to make friends if you didn't grow up there. Sorry, they have all the friends they are ever going to need, and they ain't you. There were a fair number or ex pats from other states. We befriended ourselves because no one else would. I would ask them if they were going to stay, and always got the same answer,
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Too many beta males with hairy backs, 9 month neck beards, pouched bellies, some sort of tattoo and piercing, boring dress habits. Hiking boots flannel shirts, bulky camping gear type coat. They look like the Michelin tire Man logo. It's a Parka and galoshes type joint. Coffee shops are cliche and hipster-ish. Avoid any city that hangs it's hat on having a lot of coffee shops. Exciting cultural interesting cities you never hear about "coffee shops". Paris, Prague, New York. Portland is a midwest town really that's happens to be 3 times as expensive is all
Edmund | Spring Valley, NV
- 12/14/2019
i hate it it is so stupid wouldnt recomend ...
dgfsdt | Hamlet, IN | 1 Reply

- 9/5/2019
its good
enough said...
Amadeo | Sherwood, OR | No Replies

- 9/3/2019
Homeless Drug Addict Utopia; Hell for Families
We've lived here for 4 years, transplants from Seattle, and can't wait to move away, A ...
Katie | Aloha, OR | 8 Replies

- 8/19/2019
Don't move here
Lifelong Portland/area resident, 40 years. Understand the city of Portland holds sway over...
Eric | Portland, OR | 4 Replies

- 8/11/2019
Racist as it gets.
I am disgusted that Portland is so racist, and so protective of racism. Oregon is the home...
Barry | Daphne, AL | 1 Reply

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