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Review of Durango, Colorado

Durango - Pros/Cons
Star Rating - 4/7/2008
1. Good mountain views and recreation opportunities
2. Excellent school system

1. High crime rate
2. Extremely high cost of living
3. Unaffordable place to live
4. Rapid growth
5. Huge drug problem
Clint | Liberty, IL
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OMG Clint, you're an idiot. Who said that growth is a bad thing (it's bound to happen), and there are MANY more pros that outweigh the cons (of which #s 2 and 3 are EXACTLY the same). The crime rate isn't high, I've lived here all my life and haven't had any problems with crime, (you'll see more crime on Disney channel than you will here). Let's see, here are the pros of Durango (from a person who actually lives here) 1) Sunny for over 250 days each year. 2) Rich snow filled winters and great warm summers. 3) WE are the fittest town in America (look it up: People magazine) 4) Great place to raise kids 5) Some of the smartest people in the world live here (Durango Aerospace Design Team won the international space competition twice in a row!) 6)Beautiful Scenery 7)Nice tourist town. 8)Not too small of a town, but not too big either 9)Movie theater with 9 screens! 10)Very own Recreational Center So thanks for making my city look like something it doesn't. It's truly a beautiful place to live, and you should visit if you don't believe me.
Brad | Durango, CO | Report Abuse

Hey, Brad Durango is a very nice beautiful area. The problem is you have to be wealthy to live their. That's the problem with most of Colorado thanks to wealthy Californians and Texans. If you make $100,000.00 a year it really is'nt enough to keep up with the jones there. It's great I agree, but not realistic for most people. It's unlikely You could move there and start a business that would last and make enough money to make a good living.
Willim | Woodland Park, CO | Report Abuse
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