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Deplorable at BEST
Star Rating - 10/5/2021
I wish there were negative stars. I lived here for 2 years. HORRIBLE! Most nasty unwelcoming breed of people on the planet. and the CRIME. EVERY day shootings, murders CAR ACCIDENTS. WORST place to live. Top it off with it's horrible education system. (my son didnt learn a THING)!! It's a POOR dirty trash infested state with NOTHING to offer honest tax paying citizens. I took a huge loss on my house and MOVED OUT. There are WAY more better places to live than this slum of a dump city
Jane | Los Lunas, NM
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- 11/6/2021
Piece of dog chit
Crime,criminals, cuription, gangs,drugs,murders,crack head thieves, cold at night hotter t...
John | Albuquerque, NM | 1 Reply

- 7/8/2021
Please fix crime rate! right now!way to dangerous.
All they need to do is study why EL Paso is successful in their crime rate AND THEN IMPLEM...
forrest | Vancouver, WA | 1 Reply

- 3/30/2021
Want to give negative stars to Hell as one should
I've lived in this place my whole life except the years I was in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thi...
Wayne | Albuquerque, NM | 4 Replies

- 3/25/2021
Interesting history, culture and landscape but...
Lived here over 40 years. Albuquerque is a sanctuary city, along with most of the state. M...
Ray | Albuquerque, NM | No Replies

- 3/24/2021
Was nice desert town, years ago, not so much now
Been here since 70s. ABQ was a laid back desert town then. Civility, community, quality of...
Ray | Albuquerque, NM | No Replies

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