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Wonderful place to raise children
Star Rating - 9/12/2007
I moved to Bolingbrook from eastern Pennsylvania with my husband and daughter almost 2 years ago. After looking in some much more expensive neighboring communities (namely Naperville) I thought the housing value in Bolingbrook was extrodinary and afraid there would be some drawbacks for the more affordable home prices. I have been very pleasantly suprised with how convenient everything is and as a mother of now two children time is very valuable. The people I've met in town are extremely friendly and excited about living in an up and coming area and buying in while prices are relatively reasonable and watching our homes appreciate. The things I like most about Bolingbrook are the parks, the programs, the nature areas, shopping, restaurants, access to major highways and interstates and the friendly people. As with any city some areas are nicer than others but I've never felt unsafe driving in any and every part of the city. As the mother of two I love having friendly neighbors and I love having parks for my children to play at in virtually every mile of this city. The city has added many features programs and facilities to improve the quality of life and as taxes have decreased each year for Bolingbrook while businesses keep supporting our city, we have seen plans for many more facilities. It was definately a good move for us.
Amy | Bolingbrook, IL
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- 10/7/2018
beware to all
Don’t believe the lies. I’ve lived here in Bolingbrook all my life before it became little...
Candie | Bolingbrook, IL | No Replies

- 8/31/2015
I agree - don't move to Bolingbrook!
I agree with everything you wrote! I'm anxious to get out of my neighborhood! Houses aroun...
Nancy | Bolingbrook, IL | No Replies

- 1/21/2013
Great location
The community in which I live is diverse which is very important to me and my family. Grea...
Carmen | Bolingbrook, IL | No Replies

- 12/16/2012
Renters Haven
I am recently a Mom again after over 20 years and I want a safe, quiet community to raise ...
Ms. Smith | Richton Park, IL | No Replies

- 3/18/2011
Great place to Live and Enjoy family/Raise Kids
I have lived in Bolingbrook now since 2002. Prior to that, I had lived in Chicago and Schi...
Charles | Bolingbrook, IL | No Replies

- 12/28/2010
what part of Bolingbrook do you live in? I have also lived here my whole life & personally...
jane | Bolingbrook, IL | 1 Reply

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