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Not what it used to be
Star Rating - 10/3/2021
I grew up in Colorado Springs and over the past 40+ years, I have seen C Springs go from a great town with a few problems, to the mess it is now. Liberals running from California and New York's problems have only brought their problems here. Yes, cost of living is not as bad as California or New York, but it is getting closer to those rates every day. A once quaint, mid-size town, it has become overgrown, commercialized, and traffic is horrible, and this is only increasing. From property to assault, crime is bad and on the rise. People are still relatively nice, but that is fading too. It seems the city officials desire increased expansion at the cost of quality of life, clean air, and a dwindling water supply. There is not a piece of open space that either isn't full of awful-looking apartments, houses stacked on top of one another, a warehouse or gas station, or a sign selling the land so it can be developed into something ugly. All of those people who've moved here to get away from their problems have only brought their problems with them, ruining a once great place to live. My wife and I are debating whether we remain, or are forced to relocate to somewhere similar to what COS once was. Don't move here! If you've moved here recently from CA or NY, please go back.
Stevo | Colorado Springs, CO
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My liberal ass will be moving there! This review has convinced me to come! Thanks so much!
Wesley | Edinburg, TX | Report Abuse

Totally agree. First time I even heard of the Springs, was my time @ Pete Field from '82-84, I was 22, & The first time I seen the sun rise on Pikes Peak continues in my heart to this day, even though I now live in Phoenix. I came back for a visit last year, & it was so disheartening to see how much it has been trashed. When I was stationed there the population was about 200k, now it's closing in on 500k & that reflection shows in the current appearance of the Springs, & attitude of those who've invaded the area, & brought their "baggage" with them....& it's become like a cancer. Phoenix has also been "invaded" & the carnage on our roads, our schools, our infrastructure, daily shootings, road ragers, street racers etc... has increased exponentially. However, I will not move to the Springs even with how I feel/felt about it in the past. We are also researching about moving, & perhaps further north (Wyoming/Montana) in the middle of Gods country. From what I've researched, they don't take too kindly with people moving there & trying to change the lifestyle with liberal hype. Wish ya'll the best.
Barry | Phoenix, AZ | Report Abuse
- 12/8/2021
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