Review of Portland, Oregon

Great Place, Too Many Cars.
Star Rating - 11/8/2022
One of the best cities in America. Food scene is the best in the world. Weather is preferable over places where you have the same weather year round. I enjoy the changing of the seasons, others may not.

One of the biggest gripe i have is people moving here from texas, california, etc who do not understand public transit. They come from places where you drive everywhere. Where every place they go has a 50000 space parking lot. We DO NOT need that garbage in portland. We have a great transit system. USE IT. Stop congesting our streets just cause you wanna take your lifted Ford F150 to drop off your kid at school.

Listen folks, i get it. some of you need cars. But a lot of you don't need to drive everywhere you're going. Theres no need to take your family SUV downtown every weekend. Go park at a Park & Ride and take the MAX downtown if you want to spend time down there. Cars ruin cities. End of discussion.
Shane | West Haven-Sylvan, OR
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