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Star Rating - 10/10/2022
I moved from Houston to Portland about a year ago. I remember reading the reviews on here and it making me second guess moving before I did, so I wanted to come back and follow up.

First thing to know, the city is gorgeous. Almost everywhere you look there is dense, well maintained greenery. Even in the middle of the winter, you can smell roses and other flowers throughout the city. The traffic is outstanding for a city this size (so long as you avoid the various bridges during rush hour times, those can get really annoying).

The people are really calm and overall pretty friendly and welcoming. I had a hard time making friends over here at first, but that was mostly a result of my social situation and the attitude of "live and let live." It hasn't been nearly like what others have described as the Seattle/Portland Freeze. If you're having trouble finding a social group to connect with, you can fix that pretty easily so long as you take it upon yourself to go to social events, talk to people, and set plans.

There was a large homeless problem that was pretty obvious, but since COVID hit and every landlord in America all at once decided to become opportunistic profiteers, most cities out of the Pacific costal area are barely any better. If you drive around Miami, Austin, New York City, ect you won't be surprised or overwhelmed by "how much worse it is." Every major city is struggling with these issues nowadays, and fear-mongering is mostly a byproduct of the right-wing smear campaign against "costal elities" as well as good, old-fashioned classism. I'd recommend looking up crime stats for the area and comparing them to any other city, you'll see what I'm talking about (if you really want a laugh, compare them to red state big cities).

It's expensive, both in terms of gas and real estate, but if you've done research by using cost of living comparisons, you're already prepared for it. If it's affordable, you should absolutely live here. It's beautiful, peaceful, and friendly.
Josh | Portland, OR
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I'm glad I could help. It's a great place, though PJ keep in mind that comparing Portland during the summer and fall will be pretty biased. The PNW is a champion in those seasons. Winter will be more of a change because of the mist and lack of light. I absolutely loved it in that time, loved watching the rain clouds get hit with sunset rays and just scatter colors everywhere, also liked the surreal effect of the sky looking dark Grey while everything outside was well lit. I'm only adding this part here out of responsibility, because other people might take issue with the constant low grade rain during winter. If you asked me honestly, I'd struggle to understand why. It wasn't gloomy so much as it was romantic, and dramatic sadness, which I loved just as much as the unending summer days. Feeling a bit poetic today I guess, sorry for the flowery descriptions.
Josh | Houston, TX | Report Abuse

This was the review I was looking for. I’m currently living in Houston with my wife and daughter, we have been thinking about moving to Portland on and off for years. We love the PNW and used to live in Vancouver BC but it’s way too expensive to live there so Portland is an affordable PNW and west coast option. I think a lot of these reviews are from long term Portland residents who are upset at how much their city has changed, similar to a lot of Austin reviews. And obviously a lot of conservatives who just bash PSX because they are told to. This review seemed genuine tho, so thank you. Hopefully we move within the year.
Ayron | Katy, TX | Report Abuse

I appreciate your review. I quit my long term job in Houston to get away from here. I've tried Austin, LA, Phoenix and Reno. Only Reno was a maybe for me out of those cities. I am flying to Portland for a few weeks because your review has made it appear to be the city I am looking to settle in for long term. Thanks again for you review.
PJ | Houston, TX | Report Abuse

What part of Portland are you near? Is it generally safe at night? TY
Rick | Tualatin, OR | Report Abuse
- 3/20/2023
There is no One way to see any large city
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Great Place, Too Many Cars.
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Shane | West Haven-Sylvan, OR | No Replies

- 8/2/2022
Beautiful recreation, hypocritical people
Portland is a super unique place. It is both one of the greatest and one of the crappiest ...
Tyler | Murrieta, CA | 1 Reply

- 4/9/2022
depressing please go somewhere else maybe
ive lived half of my life in seattle and half now in portland, i loved these cities growin...
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Portland. A Critically broken & ill City.
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Alexander | Portland, OR | 2 Replies

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