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Naples Florida is a horrible place for families to live. It only for the rich and rich retired. I grew up in Princeton New Jersey. Even the teens that come from good families have been arrested and charged with felonies. The schools are filled with drugs and the police nor the schools do anything to stop the drug dealers. They need to bring in the DEA. They have the money but do not even offer drug counseling until you get arrested. They have drug court but stopped taking young adults. Naples has destroyed my family. Also if you have a child with an IEP they do not have Special Education teachers in the North Naples Schools or the help. They try and throw these children out of the schools and put them in a school with bad kids that they opened to only do work on a computer's called Phoenix . I do not know how the county gets away with this behavior. The lawyers are afraid to go to court against the county. I agree with above post. Something has to be done about this horrible town for the rich . If you have the money you can always get what you want in the courts. Owners here screw renters and don't follow laws since they have money. They take deposits for no reason even if you have a video . The job market is terrible. Employers make up their own rules and don't pay well or healthcare insurance . They need to be sued which costs money any you can't win . Naples looks beautiful when you come on a vacation but it a terrible place for families when see it from the inside.



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