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Peotone Ill
Star Rating - 8/21/2015
I have been in the town of peotone for 13 years and now selling! I have never seen a more poor excuse for a town. There is no were to go and nothing too do. The town itself is now turning onto a ghost town 3 bars and a gun shop. With the one park we have it is poorly maintained with gravel and mud no were to bring your children nor pets too. Very-Very poor excuse for a so called police department!Continuous speeders and the cop's are more concerned about being at the gas station's to get their doughnut's and coffee! No stop light's for what is the point when driver's go threw the stop sign's! I'm so glad to be moving for this is one town I shall not miss!!!!!
john | Peotone, IL
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36 years here
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cost of living
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brutally cold
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