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Land of the tax now?
Star Rating - 7/14/2019
Born and raised in southern IL. 5 years ago this was a great state to live in, but we just recently elected a new government, I personally didn’t pay much attention because I’m more focused on national issues. But since then, we’ve been taxed out the ass. Most recently the taxes per gallon of gas has DOUBLED, there’s talk of a new tax on plastic bags everywhere EXCEPT Chicago, alcohol and tobacco has a new tax. And on top of that there’s also talk of taxing on the purchasing of used cars/trade-ins. With hope and a little bit of luck, southern Illinois will break off from Chicago and cook county and maybe things will get better. But if things don’t in the next few years I will be moving out of state.
As a side note, I should mention that recently recreational marijuana has been legalized (taking effect beginning of next year) and a bill protecting abortion rights has been passed, so take that as you will.
Adam | Aviston, IL
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OH NO! Not the evil marijuana and MORE rights for women??? How dare they!!
J | Joliet, IL | Report Abuse
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