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Lacking culture, transient, and increasing crime..
Star Rating - 6/7/2008
I moved here 2 years ago for a job in education, and have wanted to leave since the first month! If the economy weren't so bad, I'd be out of here yesterday, but I am lucky to have a job. There are only whites, blacks, and rednecks as far as culture goes, with just a handful of others thrown into the mix due to the heavy military presence here. Gang activity is on the rise at a rapid pace, even in the so-called "prestigious" new contained communities. Don't be fooled! People are not very friendly, just like the other posting said, and hard to get to know your neighbors, if they're worth knowing at all! Rudeness and lack of manners are rampant, and Blanding Blvd. is a nightmare if you need something off that road! The area has grown quite fast, but infrastructure has not kept up at all. The weather is very lovely, however, except for June-August which are brutally hot. There is actually not a bad humidity level most of the time, and usually a great breeze, even in the dead of summer. Cost of living is good overall, but there are few choices for food that aren't "fast" or "chain," and nothing to do in the evening. Orange Park Mall is also very dangerous. So unless you are a VERY happily married couple who don't need that many friends or to go out much, AND you can afford private school or home-schooling for your kids, DON'T MOVE HERE!!! You'll regret it!
Bp | Lakeside, FL
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