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Star Rating - 9/5/2019
Lived there for 40 years, worse place in the nation. The weather is nice about 3% of the time, terrible roads, angry people, expediently growing corruption, and taxes taxes taxes!!! Second highest in the country in fact. Don’t like a certain tax, don’t worry they’ll double it to solve another problem.
And don’t get me started on the crime!
Swirling down the toilet, no wonder 150,000 people have left over the past 5 years. Glad I was part of that for sure!
Joey | Peoria, AZ
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would chicago need some sort of vigilante?
John | Peyton, CO
- 10/29/2019
not as bad as you think
I lived in the city my whole life I loved it....
Josiah | Charlotte, NC | No Replies

- 6/5/2019
A Living Hell
I grew up here, and have lived many places in the city & suburbs. I've also lived in other...
Realistic | Chicago, IL | 3 Replies

- 4/24/2019
Best City Ever
Rachel | Crossville, TN | No Replies

- 4/13/2019
My kind of Town
I have lived in this city for 15 years, and I love it. However you have to be a certain ...
trudy | Chicago, IL | No Replies

- 1/26/2019
Think twice if you didn’t grow up here
I grew up in the near west suburbs of Chicago and moved back 5 years ago in my 50s to be n...
Mark | River Forest, IL | 1 Reply

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