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Baltimore have a bright Future
Star Rating - 6/17/2021
Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn , Detroit and the list goes on were all very bad 20 years ago . If you have a chance to visit them now . You'll wish you had moved in to those places when the price was affordable. Cities , Neighborhoods, mentalities change over the years for the better. Baltimore is the next niche. Money are flowing in rapidly since businesses success always come from affordable areas. I guarantee you 20 years from now Baltimore will be a hot spot. Don't expect others to fix things for you. You'll have to do it yourself. Peace
zak | Baltimore, MD
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You will have to cut thead off first and transplant a new one before you enact changes because the head got tumors beyond any treatment.
Lambert | Baltimore, MD | Report Abuse
- 4/29/2021
Third Best Place in PA
Came to Balt a less, ended up balting a more. In all seriousness, its an okay place....
Bob | Annville, PA | No Replies

- 5/4/2020
Not a good place to live.
I've lived in Baltimore, MD all of my life. I remember when Jobs were plentiful, food was...
Kathern | Baltimore, MD | No Replies

- 1/4/2020
It is AMAZING if you know ehere to live in the cit
Ive lived in Baltimore for some time now and it is very nice....
John | Baltimore, MD | 2 Replies

- 8/16/2019
A Petrie dish for Johns Hopkins Med School
G E T O U T N O W...
William | Boston, MA | 2 Replies

- 7/27/2019
Great city for ages 18-30. Get out while you can.
For starters Baltimore is a great independent city filled with rich history, great sports ...
William | Baltimore, MD | 1 Reply