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Scary elderly joggers
Star Rating - 8/10/2020
I recently visited Boulder Colorado with my son and daughter-in-law and their dog. We had a lovely lunch at a French pastry shop and the owner was very gracious and welcoming. However, we went to a walking path to spend some time outside and were almost physically attacked by two elderly men and another elderly woman wearing their masks and pointing their fingers within 5 inches of our faces about not having our masks on. We were on an outdoor path with no one around but these abusive elderly aggressive people. Next time I will have my stun gun or pepper spray to protect myself and family. Very scary people!
Lasses | Crosby, TX
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Stay in TX if you don’t want to ware a mask here, EVEN OUTSIDE. We actually CARE about our fellow citizens, especially the vulnerable elderly, even OUTSIDE! Stun-gun, pepper spray the elderly? Not here in Boulder you won’t, without major legal repercussions, and one of those super fit elderly kicking your TX butt!
Brian | Franklin, TN | Report Abuse

You sound like you are from Texas. You really don’t belong in Boulder. It’s not your kind of place and nobody wants you there. If you pepper spray anyone on the trails there, you’ll be arrested and pay huge fines. Maybe even do some time. Besides, a lot of those older runners are former olympians and World Record Holders. They are very tough and very fit. Lol, stay out of Dodge!
Frank | Dana Point, CA | Report Abuse

Crosby is so 3rd world compared to Boulder -- don't come
H | Denver, CO | Report Abuse

You should have been wearing your mask. These are crazy times. We all have to be and accept responsibility for public safety. Unless you have a PhD in microbiology, choose safety over ego.
Michael | Equality, IL | Report Abuse

In Texas, we welcome people as long as you come in legally. I’m pretty sure the USA is still a country of freedom and people should respect each other on an open air walking path. No one was spreading the virus because there was no one around. Only these old folks who want to intimidate and force you into submission. It’s a shame they had to ruin our day trip. Boulder used to be a nice place.
Lasses | Crosby, TX | Report Abuse

Please don’t think that all Texans are like these people! I’m from Texas and I wear a mask as do all my friends and family, and we expect others to do the same. We are not all Trump loving hillbillies here, and I personally have been to Boulder several times and found a beautiful and caring for the environment and for animals. I would love to live here if I could afford it!
J | Austin, TX | Report Abuse

Typical Texan attitude ... Trump supporters, selfish people that don't understand that elderly people are at a higher risk. We wear our masks to protect others too. The world is about everyone's well being.
Marco | Austin, TX | Report Abuse

??? How would they have been near you if there was no one around?
Mikaela | Milwaukee, WI | Report Abuse

Same thing happened to me in Boston when I was on Blue Hill trails. They think a piece of cloth mask can protect them. =D
Vincent | Boston, MA | Report Abuse
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