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Alamitos Beach in Long Beach Ca
Star Rating - 6/25/2017
Alamitos Beach is a beautiful place. Its streets lined with palm trees marking the architectural period pieces from the early 1900's to the late 1940's. Walking the streets of Alamitos Beach gives a person an idea of the grace and charm that formed this community. Interspersed with the older, ornate apartment buildings from another era are modern highrise condos in various styles. The Galaxy's blue panels recall the space race, the Current a few miles away is the newest highrise and reflects minimalist gloss with its use of silver steel and shiny glass. Like children teasing old dowagers , these high rises sit next to aging apartments from the turn of the century now turned condos.,The St. Regis on Ocean Blvd. is an old dowager that spills,it's fading beauty onto the sand and the street. Broadway Ave. is the antithesis of corporate retail that only excels in uniformity. Here are novelty shops, cafes, restaurants, clothing stores that serve up genuine flavor and style to,this community. And it is the gay community that gives the finishing touch to,this area with its personal style and savvy presented in a rainbow of talents, artistic eye and entrepreneurship that directly benefits all.
It is a shame and economic loss that this same community, Alamitos Beach, allows it disfigurement by tolerating "the homeless" who panhandle, shoot up drugs, dine from garbage cans and sleep in front of businesses, all,while smelling of old urine. Meanwhile Bixby Park is controlled by the "whatsamatta if I pee in the park " young men who are chronically unemployed and commit petty crimes in the neighborhood. Alamitos Beach is littered with absent landlords who dont see the true value of their property and thus see no problem renting to parolees, welfare witches and drug dealers for less rent while owners are paying half million to a million dollars for,their homes. If ,these owners wised up and charged more for rent, then they would get it from people who truly would appreciate this coastal neighborhood. This is not so much a review as a cry for,the good people of Alamitos Beach to rebel against their desensitization to decency and fight to restore the grace and beauty of Alamitos Beach.
Helen | Long Beach, CA
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