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After 20 years, I can offer a point of view
Star Rating - 6/6/2014
I was born in NY, but my family and I moved to Williston, VT when I was maybe 2 years old. Since then, I grew up in a very liberal area with lush green trees and tall mountains that comforted me. The opportunities for adventure were endless as a kid. My backyard has been a field, or a mountain top complete with a river neighboring near by to the public. That's what I like about Vermont, someone made the right decision to maintain the freedom of enjoying public areas without paying a ridiculous amount of money.

Not one person commenting on any state, country or city can determine an accurate climate... but I can try.

Vermont is beautiful in the summer. I write this as I just completed my masters degree and have moved back to VT for the summer. One of the best times to enjoy what Vermont has to offer. The deep blue skies and bright yellow sun are incomparable to that of the south or mid-western states (which I haven't visited, but often hear about from friends or look at on Google images). One sunny day can liven the spirit and give me such a high here thats unachievable by any amount of recreational drug Vermont usually deems acceptable.

It's not the cloudy days that are God awful, its the GRAY sky days. These are the days that are such a harsh light gray/white that you cannot look up when you are outside and instead stoop your shoulders and drop your head harboring some kind of unnatural emotion.

Typically, Vermont sees 1 sunny day for every 3 cloudy days, with a chance of rain being 2 out of those 3 days. I've had the pleasure to enjoy some wonderful summers here; seeing sky high temperatures and beams of sun for days, to having complete overhaul of dreary gray and rain for a week. But, thats the weather you can expect, and unfortunately it is a tool to our mood!

I love Vermont, but if you don't live in or outside of Burlington, its like living the simple life, without any social interaction. Nevermind me talking about Burlington. The city is beautiful, but no one puts any money into the historic housing so it sits there to rot. The roadways are a mess because of never-ending snow and rain, and worst of all, Vermont will never build highways, parking lots or roadways in fear this will destroy preserved land or waterways. It's absurd! But yet, 'lets keep building businesses on-top of businesses for the sake of growth', yet not bloody parking lots or highways to allow the over-populated areas some relief. That has always been my biggest peeve. Ever since riding the school bus from Williston schools to my Williston home, and recounting how a 15min bus ride would turn into a 40min ride. Ridiculous.

The food is amazing, expensive, but great! Local and delicious. Vermont has some very intelligent people working behind the scenes. We are like a mini California, pioneers in many different areas and actualizing holistic health. CATCH UP SOUTH.
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- 9/20/2017
Hippie heaven
If your a hippie you'll love Burlington! The grass is green all year round. ...
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Worst place ever to live!!!!
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Awesome Place.. but
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- 11/24/2010
nice town
great area to live and play, but a bit expensive...
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