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Worst place ever to live!!!!
Star Rating - 2/8/2013
I made the mistake of moving here from Austin, Texas in 2012 and shortly after moving I quickly regretted my decision. The cost of living here is ridiculous, the bugs are out of control, the people are super mean and have terrible attitudes. Go help you if you have fuel oil because you will be working around the clock to heat your house to the toasty temperature of 65!! We pay a minimum o $600/month to heat our small 900 sqft house and we are still freezing!!! All houses are old as hell and in poor condition but yet rent and cost of buying is beyond ridiculous. There is a real lack of talent as far as health care professionals go and forget about getting anything good to eat because mcdonnalds is the best restaurant they have!!! Do not move here!!!!
Megan | Wallingford, VT | Send Message
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Megan from Wallingford should note that Burlington is about 80 miles away and, other than being similarly cold, bears not resemblance at all to Burlington. Or to Austin, TX for that matter.
Mark | Bennington, VT | Send Message
- 9/20/2017
Hippie heaven
If your a hippie you'll love Burlington! The grass is green all year round. ...
Eric | Burlington, VT | No Replies

- 6/6/2014
After 20 years, I can offer a point of view
I was born in NY, but my family and I moved to Williston, VT when I was maybe 2 years old....
T | Williston, VT | No Replies

- 6/17/2012
Awesome Place.. but
Burlington is awesome. It is full of culture everything from waterfront music festivals t...
JHolley | Burlington, VT | No Replies

- 5/31/2012
Not a horrible place to live but be warned. A decent amount of things to do around town (...
Andrew | Flint, MI | No Replies

- 11/24/2010
nice town
great area to live and play, but a bit expensive...
rich | Milton, VT | No Replies

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