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Stockton is a dump
Star Rating - 9/28/2019
I lived here for college, over a 6 year period. There was no redeeming qualities to this city, except the the low cost of living compared to most cities in CA. The air quality is atrocious, mostly due to agricultural, which gets trapped in the central valley because of adjacent mountains. This contributes to the area having an unpleasant odor, which is aggravated in the summer by blazing heat, which is frequently over 100 degrees.. the winters are, cold, dreary and not comfortable, but it does not snow. The crime rate is high and, for the most part, the quality of the townspeople is low. There's minimal career/professional opportunities outside of trucking and agriculture. Almost everyone that attends the University here leaves for greener pastures. There's minimal recreation outlets, unless you leave the city;however there are some worthwhile places within an hour or two driving, such as Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Napa, the CA Central Coast and the SF Bay Area...the University of the Pacific is the only redeeming aspect. After 4 years though you will develop a unique appreciation for every where else.
Todd | Walnut Creek, CA
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I have lived in Stockton for 15 years, it's a city and area of all types of people from different races, religion's and economic levels. Stockton might have it's imperfections and problems that can and will be solved through hard work which Stockton is all about.
Bob | Stockton, CA
- 10/30/2019
Stockton is home
I moved to Stockton from Lodi. I love it. The people are nice, we moved from a "BORING" tr...
Tomas | Stockton, CA | No Replies

- 10/28/2019
Not Surprised Mother Fers
Developers are going all in on Stockton lately and home prices are rising there for a reas...
Mike | Stockton, CA | No Replies

- 9/3/2017
I like it
Honestly, I like Stockton. Majority of people I've run into have been super sweet. I dropp...
Ariana | Stockton, CA | 1 Reply

- 4/21/2017
High crime and unemployment
STOCKTON,CA. is a city with a high crime and unemployment rate with a very large homele...
T | Stockton, CA | No Replies

- 9/14/2011
I love Stockton
Stockton has 300000 people- are they all stupid ,Stockton is not a bad place to live belie...
Khalid | Stockton, CA | No Replies

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