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Star Rating - 1/30/2016
I currently live in the SF Bay Area and 3 of my empty-nester friends have recently moved to Bozeman. These 3 different families moved there because friends of theirs also moved there. It feels like a quiet migration is happening. Can you please do a more in-depth review of Bozeman, MT? Thanks, R
R | Orinda, CA
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Yes, you are correct. There is a huge migration to Bozeman and Gallatin Valley. Record-breaking growth actually.
Sven | Bozeman, MT

My husband and I (senior citizens) moved to Bozeman two years ago, bought a home just in time, before prices really skyrocketed. We absolutely love this area, and yes, we came from CA. People here are a bit touchy about the migration of CA people, but also have a pre-conceived stereotype that we're all rich and snobs. We don't fit in that category. (although they seem to find something to gripe about from any non-natives) but we've made some wonderful friends and believe that the majority of people here are very friendly and accepting. It's absolutely beautiful and we don't mind the winters at all. Working from home makes it a lot easier seeing we don't have to drive to work in foul weather. It is more expensive than we thought, but the beauty and amenities make up for that. Below find some recent articles about this area that might help you. Best of luck with your decision!
Janice | Bozeman, MT
- 11/23/2018
Over-rated Bozangelas
I've held a mailing address since 2004. It was nice when it was a sleepy cow town. The ...
Loshi | Bozeman, MT | 2 Replies

- 5/11/2018
Beautiful town, lots of jobs
Great for families...
Misty | Big Pine Key, FL | No Replies

- 12/10/2017
This IS our last best place!
We have lived on the west coast, in east-central, in the south, and in the midwest. The se...
SLPinMontana | Bozeman, MT | No Replies

- 5/24/2017
Local Who Hates It
I grew up in Bozeman. I still live here. This place is overrun with 1) Californians, 2) Ea...
J | Vancouver, WA | 6 Replies

- 4/24/2017
Montanan suggesting living anywhere else in state
I'm a born and raised Montanan and have lived in every part of the state and Bozeman is my...
Karl | Bozeman, MT | 2 Replies

- 4/7/2017
Nice to visit, but you don't want to live there
I move to Bozeman in Sept of 2016. Nice weather at that time. Renting a house. $2200/month...
John | Bozeman, MT | 1 Reply

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