Review of Melbourne, Florida

Cool City, Not so Cool Surrounding Areas
Star Rating - 10/3/2021
Was looking for change from Orlando area- crime and hecticness- and went to an opposite extreme

Let me start by saying that I am moving soon. I am moving back to the Orlando area, but to the suburbs in Seminole County. I went from one extreme to the other. I am a young single man and very bored here. I could’ve gone up the road to Seminole if I wanted a more laid back atmosphere, but still wanted to enjoy the perks of city life such as shopping and nightlife. Melbourne doesn’t have that. That’s why I give 4 stars instead of 5. There’s nowhere to eat around 1-2 am if I’m hungry

This being said- I DO like Melbourne. It is a nice, peaceful, relaxing, and diverse city. There’s some druggies and alcoholics and white trash folks, but the amount of negativity compared to other areas is minimal. Overall it’s a good town. I find it very different than the rest of Brevard county. I don’t really like Brevard. I’ve been followed and harassed by police on multiple occasions, for no reason. The police in this county give off a racist vibe. Some seem like nazis. Other areas of Brevard are either rough, stuck up, a little racist, etc. Melbourne is NEITHER of these things. It is diverse, friendly, the people are not stuck up, yet it’s not a ghetto environment either. Honestly a good family town and some good athletics, scenery and nature. I’ve found some nice restaurants to eat and go watch the ufc fights. I like this town. I’d rather not have to move but I have no choice. I’m a ride-share driver and in 3 months have had police in Brevard follow me around for no reason , up to 5 miles, have had a cop follow me with their lights off, then pull me over when I sped up to get away from what I thought was a stranger. Asked my uber passenger for her license and asked why she was with me. Then followed me again when I dropped her off. On another occasion, my friend, who is Venezuelan, had to repo his car from someone he leased it to on beachside. He politely called the cops for a standby to ensure a peaceful transition, and they showed up Cursing at him “oh this is your ****ing side hussle huh”. He felt discriminated. The cops have made me that uncomfortable that im leaving. And I’m a constitutional conservative not some liberal, but hey I’m starting to understand where the liberals are coming from in regards to wanting to defund the police. They seem like nazis here. The other reason is nightlife. I miss going to Latin clubs and dancing bachata and reggaeton (I’m Latin male), I miss going to college nights in Orlando, down to Chillers downtown on Wednesdays, maybe to some after parties. Miss going to the mall once in a while. Parties are weird to me here- dance floor areas don’t get crowded until like 1230 and places are shutting down at 130. Monkey bar - the “place to go for college night”, closes around 1230. What a joke. That’s the time we would start going out when I was in Miami. Melbourne is A cool city but not the best for a young single male trying to live life.

Again, Melbourne is cool and diverse and I don’t get the stuck up or racist vibes that I get in other parts of Brevard, but some of the surrounding areas suck. The people on the beach are really weird. The ambience is weird there it feels soulless. It’s mostly stuck up white liberals , yet they seem racist at the same time which is contradictory to their political position. Palm Bay is a massive suburbia with either ghetto People or stuck up people, Titusville seems like a hillbilly town, cocoa seems pretty rough, etc. But again Melbourne is a nice happy medium . In this county a lot of people have an attitude of settling for less, that’s the vibe I pick up. Like a lack of effort and professionalism you will notice at drive thrus, wawas, etc. Sort of a negative loser vibe, but you can do your best to avoid it. There are friendly people and beautiful things here as well. Some beautiful neighborhoods.

I tried to make this a fair and impartial review

If I could eliminate the surrounding areas and the police lol, I’d give this city 4.5 Stars. If I could do that and add some good nightlife that stays open late, I’d probably give it five stars
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