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Star Rating - 5/16/2018
It hasn't worked out for me, but the same problems in Florida are the same all over the place. You need to own a company or get into management. And we know how that works out for some of us, don't we boys and girls. it's a nice place to visit. And the jobs, suck.
PETER | Orlando, FL
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Nothing but low paying state jobs around here, if you can get one. Florida expects to to survive on the sunshine.
Laura | Marianna, FL | Report Abuse
- 10/14/2018
Great rural community to raise a family
This is my beloved hometown in which I grew up with some of the most loving, kind people i...
TAMMY | Scaggsville, MD | 3 Replies

- 10/17/2017
nice place friendly people but you cant get a job
lived here for 2yrs the people act friendly but nobody wants to hire you unless you work f...
aalijah | Palm Bay, FL | No Replies

- 8/15/2016
Best place for education for a special needs child
Looking for a place to move with a good education for my Special Needs High School daughte...
Debra | Terryville, CT | 1 Reply

- 7/27/2016
private homes
looking at relocation to central florida from long island new york...
perry | Seaford, NY | 1 Reply

- 7/2/2016
My Grandmother Thelma Watson had a house in Lulu,Fl, last time I was there was in 1976,I r...
Johnanna | Boynton Beach, FL | No Replies

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