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Not for me
Star Rating - 10/27/2019
Didn't like it. People are not very friendly, which is surprising, since it's a Southern city. Sorta. There were signs everywhere that said "Be Nice, Or Leave". Great idea, but apparently most people never read them. LOTS of crime. Wow. Beale St's not so much. Very small. You can always go to some hotel and watch a bunch of ducks walk on a red carpet if that's your idea of entertainment. The river is right downtown, which is cool. Good music scene. Not like New Orleans, but there's live music to be heard. After you leave downtown, it's either the hood or the 'burbs. If you like BBQ, you'll like the food. Grits!
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I agree wholeheartedly. I just moved back North after two years. Whatever idyllic notions I had about the South and its Southern charm were replaced with the reality of the ramifications of abject poverty.
Sharon |
- 12/22/2019
It’s Memphis
I’ve lived in and also around the city of Memphis Tennessee since 94’ and it really has no...
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Lack of Culture and Diversity
I lived here for two years for work. I’m from the North, and I was looking forward to mil...
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Not Home
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- 10/8/2018
Total Pit!
I have lived here for 2.5 gruelingly long years. It is difficult to say just how bad the c...
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- 10/11/2017
A place to call home
Greetings, I find Memphis to be one of my top pics for a place to retire. I lo...
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