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Star Rating - 12/2/2014
Spent 48 years on the NY / Vermont border living and working in both states.
The reason we moved to Florida three years ago was because of taxes, politics, taxes, cold winters(lots o snow), taxes. We figured that Florida was the place to go.
Do your homework... yes the taxes are cheaper, but the homeowners insurance makes up for the difference. Example on average house $100,000
In Florida taxes around $600 and insurance over $2000.
In Ny taxes several thousand and insurance around $800.
So there's not a great savings there, as for utilities heat expensive up there, A/C
expensive in Florida.
Now for wages, florida has the poorest wages that you could imagine and what that drives is the poorest work force possible. It also carries very low income families and a lot of poor neighborhoods. With that it's fair share of crime.
We are thinking Vermont is looking good again.

JM | Pace, FL
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Florida is a large state, taxes, electric, wages, crime vary city to city. Florida relies on Tourism, no state tax. Jobs, unless you work for the govt, State or for Yourself, you will be stuck in one of those tourism lower wage type jobs. Yes you can make a fair wage just depends on what city you are in. Mr. JM of Milton lives in a town that is outskirts of Pensacola, there is really no big business there to justify a decent pay on what they are use to in NY _ VT. Homeowner Insurance is high due to the low lying area it sits in and has had many tornado and hurricane damages in the past in that area. I don't mean to dis this person, this is just one small spot of Florida. It is Hot from May usually thru Oct and sometimes through Dec. so Fl only has really only 3 months of Cold or cooler weather. The Air Conditioner is Your best friend or a pool. You will pay for electric, but then again in some areas it is not as expensive as others, same with sales tax it varies from city to city. If you prefer retirees, tourists, low taxes, sunshine, hurricanes, heavy rain, fishing, shorts, beaches, golf, jet ski, boating, tanning, and shopping then Florida is for you. If you prefer cooler weather, mountains, lakes, snow, snow mobiling, skiing, snowboarding, shoveling, rusty cars, chopping wood or paying for heating oil, stay up north and just Vacation in Florida.
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