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Star Rating - 6/27/2015
Hi, I'm looking for beauty, good hiking trails, and some light sight seeing. I have a couple of friends who have been to Vermont and loved it. They say that Vermont easily meets my top three requirements. My only other concern is the mentality of the people that live in Vermont. last summer I married a very wonderful woman that is of the browner tones of humans that inhabit this planet. I wanted to know what was, if any, Vermont's general attitude toward diversity.
jack | Minneapolis, MN
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As a realtor in Southern, VT, I can tell you Vermonters are very open minded, liberal, typically well educated but our only real diversity is poverty. We are melatonin challenged, but I don't think your wife will feel much, if any, racism. Hope this helps.
Lynn | Manchester Center, VT | Report Abuse
- 1/4/2015
Burlington, VT
Burlington is a safe and lively place to live; including the metro area the population is ...
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- 12/2/2014
Do your homework
Spent 48 years on the NY / Vermont border living and working in both states. The reason w...
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- 3/24/2014
Green Mountain State
Beautiful and green . Great ski area's and home to Ben & Jerry's ice cream . Cost of livin...
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- 12/31/2013
"COST" of living in VT
I have lived in VT almost 40 years-have watched it grow-have to tell you it is a beautiful...
sharon | Bristol, VT | No Replies

- 7/4/2013
Raul | Beverly Hills, CA | No Replies

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