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Nice to visit, but you don't want to live there
Star Rating - 4/7/2017
I move to Bozeman in Sept of 2016. Nice weather at that time. Renting a house. $2200/month for 3br on a .5ac with a fenced yard. It's a nice little city. Expensive to live here. Very little pet friendly rentals. Housing costs are high, pay is low. There doesn't appear to be much crime other than graffiti. People are nice. Winter is long and very cold. Still getting snow in April. If you ride dirtbikes....forget it. There are only a handful places you can ride year round. Most places are closed from October to June. The local MX track costs $400/yr for 1 person to ride. I'm planning move further south as soon as possible.
John | Bozeman, MT
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Indeed you are so correct to move out. THe reason why Bozeman is so popular is because the State ran an ad campaign they had no business (no pun intended) on running. I am looking to move ASAP. The place is WAAAAAAAAAY over priced as you've pointed out! A room with druggies and alcoholics (that make up a majority of its inhabitants) is $600 per month. You want to live in a better "ROOM"??? Pay up buddy! as much as $1,000 per month. Mind you, the population hovers around 40,000 people, average rent is $2,000 for a tiny house $2,600 with utilities and your job will more than likely be cleaning toilets (it's a tourist town or a RE investment town hence the high rent). The place is a joke...literally and the State ROYALLY F'd UP promoting it as heaven! It's another Vegas town, for very 6,000 that move in 10,000 move out! Be wise, do not move here! I shall add, the employers are crooks too. Stay far far away. 80% of the population are degenerates including employers because they are derived of the locals!
uh | Belgrade, MT
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