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Not so wonderful
Star Rating - 5/20/2019
It's a very attractive city at the base of the Rocky mountains. There's a great deal to do, with something for everyone. However, the new construction is destroying all the city green spaces to build more houses, so the trees are disappearing and the housing cost is much too high. You just don't get a whole lot for your money unless you want to live outside of town. The traffic is much too dense, because the town is becoming overpopulated, as well as the surrounding areas, and the roads, especially the highways, are not enough to keep up with all the new traffic from the constant building around the town. Denver is about 65 miles down the interstate, but the congestion is so bad that it can take hours to get to your destination. The state will not pay to develop a commuter train, which would solve the traffic issue and severely decrease pollution. They just won't do it. I've lived all over the country, in Chicago and Los Angelos, and the road rage here is WORSE. The anger and aggression is unimaginable. The crime rate is heavily increasing, and city is quickly losing it's appeal to me. There's also still a problem with racism here. It's better than some areas, but it's still too rampant. I'm losing interest in staying here.
Danya | Fort Collins, CO
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•Fort Collins has 14% protected open space--above national average •Platinum Bicycle Friendly Community--one of only 4 in the USA •Sparsely populated northwest of town--Laramie Mountains, Snowy Range, Red Feather Lakes, State Forest State Park, North Park, plus most of Wyoming. •Unique and beautiful Pineridge, Cathy Froome, Reservoir Ridge natural areas within city limits. Horsetooth Reservoir, Lory State Park, and Rist Canyon adjacent to city limits. World class rafting and scenery on the Cache la Poudre River just 20 minutes north. •Driving to Denver is no more of a pain than driving to any other urban area in the US. •Road rage is bad in Colorado, I agree. •Not much new housing being built within the city. Prices are high, but $40K lower than Denver (median). •Traffic in town is typical for a city of 170,000, and for most of the day, you can get to and from where you want to be quickly. Avoid the rush hour and school pickup times if you can. Also, there are plenty of alternate routes, but I'm not telling anyone about them. •Fort Collins is one of the cleanest, most handsome cities I've ever seen (College Ave. south of Drake not withstanding). The landscaping along the city streets and parkways is outstanding. City facilities like rec centers and government buildings as well as schools and entertainment facilities are exceptionally well maintained, as are the roadways, parks, bike paths, and gardens. Old Town is as quaint and quirky as you'll find anywhere in the region. •Racism is an issue in every American city, and I'm hoping that Millennials will make it their legacy to end it.
Mellotronix | Fort Collins, CO | Report Abuse

You get a lot for your money if you can afford to live in town. But you can get more if you choose to live outside of the city (like any other city) in places like Severance or Windsor. The new construction is being built on farm land and is not destroying any tress or green spaces. The traffic is fine if you live in town, but remember, this is a popular destination and a college town. The traffic is bad if you are commuting from neighboring towns. The town is not overpopulated, it has only seen a 9,000 population increase in the last 10 years, which is mostly in neighboring areas. The growth is due to increased opportunities which contributes to our low unemployment and high median income. It only ever takes an hour, max, to get to Denver. We do not need a commuter train and it would never solve the problem of traffic or pollution. The road rage is not worse than Los Angeles, how many people were shot and killed? SMH. The crime rate has continually decreased. Racism, you are a moron... This comment is trash.
Spencer | Fort Collins, CO | Report Abuse
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