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Dangerous with a capital D
Star Rating - 7/11/2019
There is no way you want to live in the Baltimore. I was actually at the baseball game the night they sequestered 20,000 people in Camden Yards park. It was too violent to let people out onto the streets! And the criminals still live there. Per capita it has the highest murder rate in the USA. Just last month a horde of hundreds of "youths" from northwest Baltimore descended on the supposedly safe "inner harbor" attacking people at random while stealing handbags and ripping jewellery from there bodies. The police have basically given up after the riots. The City did not invest in securing there computer systems and is basically shut down now unless they pay off the ransomware attack. Most city services, like sending out water bills and registering deeds has come to a halt. The Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh just resigned amid a scandal that pushed selling her own book to state schools. Maryland was just named the worst state to retire in by bank-rate. It is dirt cheap for reason. Way to dangerous.
davemon | Wolf Trap, VA
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Great city for ages 18-30. Get out while you can.
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