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Star Rating - 2/17/2011
I grew up here wanting to live in the southern US; however, as I raise my family here I'm realizing it is very nice. The county schools rank pretty good. There are parks everywhere with several bike trails popping up everywhere. Theaters and shopping are ample. Cost of living is very low. And there is easy access to several major cities within 2-4 hours ie. Indianapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo, etc. We are also within a couple hours of the Lake Michigan and Lake Erie. If you like lake activities there are several clean lakes scattered throughout to the west and north of all sizes and price ranges. The only negative is that winters can drag on but if you dress right and drive responsibley you can manage with good spirits. I love how diverse our city is getting as minorities are making up close to 1/3-1/2 of our population. People are very helpfull and friendly in general with the southeast side of town as the exception. For business owners as myself it can make or break you. Reputation means everything here as people tend to rely on word of mouth more than most cities of similar size. So, if your business survives a couple of years you'll find it's a very great place to live as there is low cost, easy travel, and your money can go pretty far.
Appraiser | Fort Wayne, IN
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- 9/3/2019
Moved here from Buffalo, NY. Ft Wayne is a big city with lots of greenery and things to do...
Anish | Fort Wayne, IN | 1 Reply

- 8/27/2019
Fort Wayne, not so great anymore!
I lived in Fort Wayne from 1962 until 1988 then moved north. Fort Wayne was a nice city a...
Scott | Kendallville, IN | 2 Replies

- 5/3/2019
A gem in the midwest
I've lived here my whole life and it's a great place to raise a family. Lots of stuff to ...
john | Fort Wayne, IN | 1 Reply

- 4/14/2019
City of Future
I've lived in the city for 5 months now. The city is definitely growing. Lots of jobs oppo...
Daniel | Fort Wayne, IN | No Replies

- 4/2/2015
Thriving Fort Wayne
I have lived here since August 2013 due to a new job. My $82,000 salary affords me a very...
Elaine | Fort Wayne, IN | No Replies

- 7/27/2013
At least it changes all the time
Fort Wayne has a lot of cloudy humid days but just when you start to get sick of the bad d...
Steven | Fort Wayne, IN | No Replies

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