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Not A Bad Place To Live
Star Rating - 1/27/2019
I'm from Florida and have lived here on and off for seven years. As far as Polk County goes, I think that Lakeland is definitely the nicest place to live in the county. There are plenty of things to do in Lakeland which is a plus (read indoor activities). Now let me make a statement, if you are an "outdoorsy" person, look elsewhere. Although Lakeland offers a handful of lakes that have been maintained so that you can walk them, you are fairly limited on when you can walk them in the summer due to the humidity. Florida is hot, yes, but the humidity is what's so bad. Unless you are one of the few people that thrive in the heat, you're pretty much going to deal with the same heat/humidity wherever you live in the state. There are two malls, one indoor in North Lakeland and one outdoor in South Lakeland, as well as the common grocery store (Target, Walmart, Publix, etc) interspersed throughout. I've enjoyed living in Lakeland as there is more diversity and more to do than anywhere else in Polk County. A negative to Lakeland is that the job market pays a minuscule amount and the housing cost is very high. Compared to the rest of Polk County, Lakeland is by far the most affordable, but $150,000 for a house that needs works while the average yearly income is around $32,000 is ridiculous. Traffic is crazy in North Lakeland and is starting to get that way in South Lakeland, especially when snowbird season comes around. It's close to Tampa and Orlando, which is convenient.
Isaac | Lakeland, FL
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