Sarasota best place to retire..??

Star Rating 2/17/2018
I grew up in the 50’s in Sarasota. I raised my family there.
My two grown kidos are still there.
My one son and two grandsons who live in N.J visit twice a yeast.
Yes it’s quite busy tourist season because it has a lot to offer.its beautiful, homes are nicely priced, beaches beautiful.
My husband and I have lives in Malibu Ca. 4 35 years and we are ?? ng to t settle down in Sarasota within next year.
It’s the second most beautiful place in the world.

I am looking for this to happen soon?
And we have a big middle class their together.
I will give Sarasota a 11 out of 10.



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Florida native here. This is my home, but after 40 years, I hope it won't be when the kids are out of school. Things have changed so much for the worse. Rudest bunch of people you will encounter, in person and on the roads when driving. There is no place for the middle class here. This town is populated with a glut of self-congratulating, shameless, one-uppers. Not sure who is worse , the disrepecting elderly transplants, or the mass of superficial millenial moms and dads whose sole focus appears to be keeping the mean girl high school mentality alive waaay past high school (yes, i know, there are exceptions, but rarely in sarasota). And forget about a last-minute trip to the world famous Siesta Key. Either plan to be there before 8a for a parking space, or pay for a shuttle from a church parking lot blocks away. I refuse to do either, so I havent been in at least a decade. Housing and food costs are way out of line too. Prepare to pay in excess of 300k for a cookie cutter house under 2k square feet. We routinely visit other states and the level of rudeness elsewhere is practically non-existent compared to here. My advice: stay away from florida all together.

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