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Home on the range??
Star Rating - 7/25/2007
Dumas is a sleepy little town in the Texas Panhandle. Cost of living is low but so is quality of living. The town is dominated by the Hispanic population, many are illegal immigrants. Much of the employment is at Swift/Monfort, the beef packing plant in Cactus. Gangs are becoming more of a problem every year. The education system is geared around athletics, but the only successful sport is volleyball. Like most small towns, people care more about what you have than what kind of person you are. Gossip is rampant. I grew up there but got out as soon as I could.
Chella | Fort Worth, TX
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Dumas is not a "sleepy little town" dominated by any one demographic, nor does it have large numbers illegal immigrants. There is a small population of folks from Sudan and Myanmar that have created a new cultural challenge for us as a result of JBS Swift hiring practices, but most employees of JBS Swift reside in neighboring Cactus while nearly 800 are bussed up from Amarillo. The community is by and far composed of hard working, ethical and proud people in the energy and agriculture industries. I can't say much about gossip as I don't do much that would warrant this in my circle of people. The folks in Dumas have worked hard to develop a top notch YMCA, aquatic center, hospital, 2-year college, airport expansion, local student scholarship program and major infrastructure improvements. If you desire a big city, live in a big city, but if you want access to a big city but want the comforts of a smaller town with an opportunity to make a difference, Dumas will exceed your expectations. Every location is only as good as make it, and if you try to compare apples to oranges, you will be disappointed; but having lived in other small communities, Dumas is the best that I have lived in.
Mike | Dumas, TX
- 11/6/2018
Small town full of crime
Lived here most of my life. It is, as another reviewer stated, unfortunately run by the l...
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