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Small town full of crime
Star Rating - 11/6/2018
Lived here most of my life. It is, as another reviewer stated, unfortunately run by the large hispanic population. That in itself would not be bad at all because they have been around for a ling time but now the youth seem to not care about rules or law. Moved to a quaint home in a neighborhood with modest houses. Thought it was a nice neighborhood and I knew sone homeowners in the area so I thought it would be ok. It wasn't. Turns out some thieves and drug dealers lived next door by the alley. Lots to lots of illicit activity going on. I reported all of it. The police got to them but they just moved somewhere else and started up again. Keep in mind this is a small town and the crime is rampant in all places. This is a small town with nothing for the youth as far as entertainment because older white "priveleged" individuals will not foot anything due to possible tax raises or loittering. They complain about the kids getting together at the one skate park! The youth drink, race, do drugs, and have sex. Yes there are gangs here. Too small for all that crime.
me | Amarillo, TX
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- 7/25/2007
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Chella | Fort Worth, TX | 1 Reply

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