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Why Brownsville??
Star Rating - 7/25/2008
I'm often asked "Why Brownsville?" since I'm well traveled and have experienced South America, Europe, East Coast and West Coast. Then know allot of the credit for my decision has to go to my real estate agent Robert Avilar, who made time to introduce me and my brother to what I believe is the Best Kept Secret in the world. Brownsville has history, it has culture, it has diversity, it has beauty, it has beaches, it has Mexico, it has Fantastic Food, its economically fantastic and most importantly Brownsville has wonderful wonderful people, where respect is a priority.
Yes all good things have a downside, so here it is......Drive Very Defensively, and property taxes can be Very High and incomprehensable, should I learn more, I'll be glad to share.

Delphino | Bon Air, VA
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- 2/26/2019
ignore all comments and data is very inaccurate
ignore all comments. There 1 teacher and 30 students per class or 28. I have not run into...
bv | Brownsville, TX | No Replies

- 7/29/2009
best comfort index
too hot...
carl | Brownsville, TX | No Replies

- 2/10/2008
I lived in Brownsville 19 years
It was a terrible place to live. Everyone I knew did drugs-smart people, dumb people, rich...
julie | College Station, TX | 1 Reply

- 5/14/2007
I'm actively moving to Brownsville from the East C
I've traveled most of my life, and currently live on the East Coast close to Washington D...
Delphino | Richmond, VA | No Replies

- 8/7/2006
Brownsville living conditions...
You will find your major consumer stores here such as: Walmart, Sams, Academy, Best Buy, C...
Jeremy | Brownsville, TX | No Replies

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