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I lived in Brownsville 19 years
Star Rating - 2/10/2008
It was a terrible place to live. Everyone I knew did drugs-smart people, dumb people, rich people, etc. Most people have at least one relative that is in prison because of this horrible problem in our city.

You MUST speak Spanish or will be ostracized. I knew Spanish so I didn't have to go through that whole ordeal.

Businesses are not run like American Businesses are. Brownsville is Mexico. Expect serious corruption in the schools, Police dept, lawyers, and the list goes on.

All of the schools have a high drop out rate, low test scores, and under qualified teachers. The average 18 year old makes a 820 on the SAT and about 10% go to college.

julie | College Station, TX
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I honestly enjoy living in Brownsville, regardless of the hot weather...You will find nice people, great food, affordable living, good schools, and a large number of Hispanics of different economic levels who are generally very hard working people. Yes, you will possibly find bad people and others with bad attitude; you might also find incompetent people, corrupt people, drug addicts, but it's perfectly common thing that you will find wherever you go here in the U.S.! We live in a diverse society. Brownsville Texas is a city that many visitors choose to come to because of the convenience of being right across the border from Mexico...Borders cities are generally ugly cities, but even though Matamoros Mexico is an ugly city, people from across are commonly very nice people...Go to a restaurant accross the border and they treat you like royalty! Don't believe 100% of what the news say...The media has completely destroyed the reputation of a city that has brought a lot of great moments to honest people who used to visit Matamoros during their vacation, like me. Also, South Padre Island is 25 min from Brownsville Texas at a speed limit of 60mph. Then, Los Fresnos, Texas is a small city 15 min away from Brownsville and it can be the perfect spot to spend our retirement years...Los Fresnos has a yearly Elvis Presley festival at a place called "Little Graceland". Well, going back to Brownsville...Every year, during the last week of February, Brownsville celebrates "Charro Days Fiesta" where there is a parade on Elizabeth street, followed by different folkloric events related to the Mexican culture and it's a lot of fun. Then, a carnival comes to Brownsville at least 2 times a year. Brownsville is a city that is growing very fast due to its economic development...I believe that today is the perfect time to invest in property or franchises because Brownsville might soon turn into the next big city to visit in the U.S.
Cris | Brownsville, TX | Report Abuse
- 2/26/2019
ignore all comments and data is very inaccurate
ignore all comments. There 1 teacher and 30 students per class or 28. I have not run into...
bv | Brownsville, TX | No Replies

- 7/29/2009
best comfort index
too hot...
carl | Brownsville, TX | No Replies

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Brownsville living conditions...
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