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Living in Gallup
Star Rating - 10/26/2012
Gallup NM has great places to hike around and minimal cultural diversity. I found most of the white folk ( I am caucasion) to be super red neck.. I am having a hard time adjusting. I am in culture shock and this is the first time I have ever lived somewhere where I was a true minority. I love Native American spirituality and am finding the tribes here to be unfriendly. I have made a few good friends here but that was hard to do. I LOVE RED ROCK PARK and you can go from one terain to a completely different one in only about 20 minutes. I love the high desert but the people leave a lot to be desired.
Karen | Gallup, NM
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- 12/14/2015
I have lived in Gallup for over 20 years and find this area very interesting. The tourist...
Elmer | Gallup, NM | 1 Reply

- 6/29/2011
Great Little Gallup
I have to argue with the so called statistics. There are 3 kinds of lies and this is one o...
James | Gallup, NM | No Replies

- 6/29/2011
Not Bad
I have read a few reviews of Gallup here and am a bit disappointed. The idea that just lea...
Brandon | Gallup, NM | No Replies

- 5/2/2010
Real Americana
There are worlds that collide in a kaleidoscopic way in Gallup. Culture here is more palpa...
robert | Brooklyn, NY | No Replies

- 12/2/2009
Hell On Earth
Carl's opinion of Gallup is spot on, but treads a little lightly. Literally everybody who...
Bob | Gallup, NM | No Replies

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