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Great Little Gallup
Star Rating - 6/29/2011
I have to argue with the so called statistics. There are 3 kinds of lies and this is one of them in my view. I am/was an ER nurse and we see the worst a society has to offer. I have dealt with less murders here in a 14 year period than a 6 month period in Memphis TN and Jackson MS. I have found Gallup to be full of good people. There are supposedly 32 nationalities here and it is quite diverse. If you can not adapt this is not the place for you. It has many aspects of a frontier border town. It is not overly pretty. It is dusty. It is also rugged and so are the people that settled Gallup. There is not a lot of shopping or theatre or opera (though there is some) or other things to do here unless your into outdoor activities. That makes Gallup an ideal place to save money. Gallup has problems like everywhere else. The problems here are not that bad. Petty crimes and low murder rates. Nothing like other places I have lived. The beggers here do not try to kill you after you refuse them and they just go away. This makes me wonder what Bob and Carl were doing and where they were going that they were greeted with hoardes of beggers bothering them. It is not like they were mugged. Just say "no." They generally go away. The key is you must be flexible and adapt. Your life and where you live are what YOU make it. Do not try to change people as they live like they want to. Accept people and places for what they are and not for what they are not and life is easier for all. If you do not like a place you always have the choice to move. If you need a comparison try Memphis TN where you can get killed on the golf course or by driving in the wrong area at night... but there are things to do there. My first year here was tough as I missed grass trees and water. It took a while to adapt and once I did I found Gallup to be a good place and a good place to invest in. Just use some common sense (not so common any more)and do not leave things out if you do not want it stolen. Lock your car doors and lock your house. Do not hang out with the wrong people, make some friends, avoid drama. The people here are NOT pretentious and even most of the Doctors are called by first name. Keeping up with the Jones' does not happen here and it is a pretty laid back. Life here is good for me and my family. It can be for you too. Full disclosure- I am also a Realtor at Century 21 Action Realty of Gallup.
James | Gallup, NM
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